Meet the TrackR. Your Search is Over.

TrackR Review Family Clan

Meet the TrackR. Your Search is Over.

Imagine you are on a beach, with the tide coming in and you have lost your car keys! The rising tide is creeping closer and closer and everyone is searching for your keys with no success, then after hours of searching, luckily someone finds them. PHEW!

TrackR Review Family Clan

That is what happened to Chris and Christian after a day on the beach surfing. To stop it ever occurring again they set about inventing TrackR. TrackR allows you to quickly find your lost keys, wallet or even the remote control!

Since 2009, TrackR has allowed you to effortlessly manage all of your belongings in your home with one simple app. It’s technology anyone can use. Once you start making your life less stressful by using TrackR, stop of searching for those lost keys, just reach for your phone.

You can even locate your missing items with the TrackR app on Amazon’s Alexa. How easy is that!

TrackR Review Family Clan

So How Does TrackR Work?

Setup is super simple, attach the Pixel to the required item, download the app and connect via Bluetooth. If you can’t find your keys, simply open up the app and press the locate button – your Pixel will then light up (great for when it is dark) or make a noise.

It also works the other way – say you cant find your phone, all you have to do is hold the button on Pixel and it your phone will then ring!

Call your missing item from the TrackR app. The TrackR item Tracker will ring and find your lost phone, even when it’s on silent! It uses Bluetooth to connect your item Trackers to your smartphone. Outside of Bluetooth range? No problem TrackR’s global Crowd Locate network will activate to find your lost items

You can purchase them from the TrackR website or on Amazon.

What do you lose most? Mine has to be my keys, but now with my TrackR added I’ve saved myself hours.

TrackR is literally a life saver!

Nanna Jane

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10 Thoughts to “Meet the TrackR. Your Search is Over.”

  1. Sharon Freemantle

    Has to be my phone. I’m sure when I put it down it grows legs and runs for it. Either that or I’m really forgetful. I’m going with the phone legging it ??

  2. madrasa1

    This seems really handy as I am very clumsy and I lose everything really quickly so I will look into this for sure! 🙂

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    GUESS what santa must have heard my pleas he left me one !
    So nifty and easy to use – thanks for the recommendation

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    That sounds really good. I like the way tech has become integrated over the past few years; it makes using these gadgets so much tidier.

  5. William Gould

    That is a really great idea! Well done them for thinking it up!

  6. Paul Wilson

    My dad would find these immensely useful.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Think it’s a brilliant idea my phone is so valuable -the information stored is priceless
    Always worried about loosing it

  8. Kayleigh Watkins

    What a fantastic idea, I could attach it to Mollies dummy I’m forever losing them, and my house keys xx

  9. Ashleigh Allan

    This sounds really good. I need to get this for my husband

  10. bonniebonster

    Lol! I could really do with this! I always lose my car keys and my phone…this would save me so much time hunting them down!

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