Manuscript Calligraphy Pen Sets

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan

Manuscript Calligraphy Pen Sets

Are you still looking for something different for a Mother’s Day gift? Then look at these calligraphy sets from Manuscript. Calligraphy is a lovely craft that is coming back into fashion. Most people don’t actually pick up a pen or pencil from one day to the next. If we want to remember something make a note on our phones or on the computer. I remember the days when I had sticky notes all around my computer screen, on the fridge and notice board, but now it’s all on technology of one form or another.

We used to have to write with a fountain pen in italics in Junior school. Being left handed I spent the whole of the years there with ink on my hand from my little finger to my wrist. My mum was never impressed with the amount of ink on my cuffs either! But as I progressed I managed to get less and less on me.

Manuscript have asked us to review this lovely beginners calligraphy set and the calligraphy duo tip felts, so here’s my thoughts.

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan

Manuscript Dodec Pen

We all love to read, create and write with a nice pen, with this fountain pen from Manuscript the words just flow from the nib. It really is so easy to use. I had to get Grandad Al to do the testing as it has a right handed nib. But Manuscript offer a free nib exchange for us left handers. I’ll be taking them up on this offer so I can really appreciate the pen.

This pen is called Manuscript’s Dodec Pen. This is what Manuscript say about this pen.

Our favourite go-to pen for everyday writing! The 12 sided barrel makes for a unique design for this Manuscript favourite. With a selection of nibs available, any writing style is possible with this classic.

It comes with two cartridges and also an adapter for using bottled ink. So you can get going straight away.  Also included are three nibs. Sizes 0.85mm, 1.1mm and 1.6mm

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan

Grandad Al found it really easy to use.  He was really impressed how smoothly the pen went over the page.  Great for a starter in calligraphy.

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan


Two colours in one pen with endless possibilities. Beautiful for bullet journalling or super for scrapbooks, these delicate pens create designs that are made to last! I love the fact that you have two pens in one. With the fine liner and chisel tip you are set for all your writing.

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan

They are also great for adult colouring. that is a lovely relaxing pastime that I enjoy. Giving you the option of a wider tip for quicker coverage and a fine tip for the closer to the lines work.

Manuscript Pen Company Calligraphy Set Review Family Clan

Our Thoughts

I would love to have received these items as a gift. They open your option from calligraphy, letter writing, writing in a journal or adult colouring. All these offer more including peace and quiet as well as relaxing/calming time that is so missing in our busy lives.

You will find more pens and options on the Manuscript Pens Website. We have reviewed some of the pens from the Manuscript Pen Company before for World Calligraphy Day 2017.

Have you tried any calligraphy pens?

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Manuscript Calligraphy Pen Sets”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are beautiful, I love the look of the twin tip feature.

  2. debbieskerten

    It’s been years since I did any calligraphy. You’ve got me in the mood again.

  3. kayleigh watkins

    Looks like a lovely set, I’d love to learn to write in calligraphy xx

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love caligraphy – this set seems a beauty too

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