Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity

Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity
Mrs Mactivity make creative, boutique printable resources with a sprinkling of magic – made with you in mind! Their mission is to change the world through inspiring and fun learning resources, beautiful craft and learning ideas that really motivate children to learn. They take a huge pride in their work and everything is hand made with love – no cheesy stock images, and you won’t find anyone else like them on the web.
Mrs Mactivity make fun teaching and learning resources suitable for both parents and teachers – made by teachers, tested by kids. They specialise in truly unique resources. Mrs Mactivity also believe that less is more, and you won’t need to spend hours trawling through their website to find what you need – Mrs Mactivity believes that people want quality resources over quantity.
Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity
Mrs Mactivity has such a wide range of printable activities it is hard to choose where to start! Jake and Grace absolutely love crafting and getting the craft box out, so no surprise they were eager to learn more. The website is bright and colourful and instantly draws your attention. Lots of categories of crafts you can choose from.
Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity Family Clan
Grace chose to do a bouquet of flowers, so we printed them out and followed the instructions on where to cut and bend which was such an easy process to do.
She then painted and coloured using her favourite colours.
Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity Family Clan
You then fold the heart over the base of the bouquet, and there we have our very own hand made bouquet of flowers perfect to give to Dad for Father’s Day.
Mrs Mactivity are always adding different activities to do to tie in with upcoming events such as the football world cup, Father’s Day cards that you can print to create Dad a lovely card.
Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity
With the World Cup 2018 now started they have even created a massive range of printable activities for you. Such as flag bunting, bookmarks, planner booklet, bracelet. Something to keep the kids occupied for hours!

I also am very greatful that the print-outs are also ink friendly as we all know how pricey ink can be if you are often changing it!

Mrs Mactivity believe that too many resources out there look the same, and believe in innovation and individuality – stand out from the crowd by supporting their work.  Most of their resources are FREE, but as they don’t use advertising on their website site, they charge a very modest fee of £9.97 per year so you can access EVERYTHING and also enable them to make more resources.
There are not just activities, there are also learning pages, which is perfect for Grace and Jake. There are a wider range of topics and I found some sheets of what Grace is learning in Nursery, by listening to her sounds and spelling out simple words. We have downloaded this and went through the pages together, she is recognising some of her letters at the moment but not all, so these activity sheets tie in perfect for her development right now.
There is also hand writing sheets which are suited for Jake in year 2, and he has had a great attempt at them too!
Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity Family Clan
Something for all age ranges, and I am so glad I have found this site and will be something I use quite often.

My Thoughts

I think the price is excellent for a years worth of activates that get updated all the time. These are great for us parents, but would also be great for teachers/childminders/home schoolers to give children themed activities. Here is a link to their website.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Making learning fun with Mrs Mactivity”

  1. nadiashanahan

    This is a really good way fo the little ones to learn! Love it!

  2. Penny Wilsher

    What an amazing bundle of educational fun

  3. lynn neal

    This could be very useful with my grandchildren!

  4. Rosemary Tily

    Wish I had found this site a few years ago as my grand-daughter, who spent many hours with us, would have loved these activities. I shall now have to see whether my grandson will feel enthusiastic too!

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    I haven’t heard of this but it sounds fab

  6. Rebecca Whatmore

    These look great fun – never seen them before. Would make a great gift.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Not heard of this – gteat way to fuel young minds and make learning fun

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