Magical Glimmies Fairies of Glimmieswood

Magical Glimmies of Glimmieswood

Glimmies are 23 little star fairies sent by the moon to take care of ‘Glimmieswood’ forest animals. This is the reason Glimmies have cute resemblances to forest animals and love endless adventures in the name of friendship and always respect nature.

Glimmies Family Clan

During the dark, Glimmies magically light up the wood shining bright, creating a beautiful and magical light like a firefly. Glimmies always shine bright at night and hide in the light… but held cupped in the hand they will also reveal their beautiful glowing and enchanting light.

Upon receiving our package Grace was so excited to see what was inside, the package was parceled in lovely white sparkly tissue paper which ties in lovely with saying that the star fairies were sent by the moon.
Glimmies Family ClanGrace really loves to take her little hand held dolls with her everywhere we go, whether they are in her pocket, carried in her hand or away in her bag. Without a doubt she will always have something so Glimmies seem an ideal product for her.

She loves the magical effect that you get from Glimmies and even shares with her best friend when visiting.

Glimmies Family Clan

Grace’s Glimmies are always alight and the battery life is still standing strong which to be honest, I’m amazed at due to the amount of hours they have been alight.

The dolls are 6cm tall which is a really good hand held size, but not so small that I will worry about her when she comes to take it to bed.

Glimmies Family Clan
We have been sent Cornélie (yellow) and Dotterella (red)

There are 23 Glimmies in total each with a beautiful glowing light, 16 Glimmies available across single and triple packs and 7 exclusive to playsets. Each one represents a forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expression. The Gimmies names are: Foxanne, Hazelyn, Celeste, Rakella, Nova, Dormilla, Batlinda, Lumix, Dotterella, Spinosita, Flayla, Cornelie, Alya, Cerulea, Astrea, Almendra, Lavoonia, Sietina, Fernicia, Rubina, Pluma, Aurea (Aurea is limited edition and is available with the Glimtern). We can’t wait to collect all of them and create a magical world with Glimmies.

Glimmies Single Pack

16 different Glimmies to collect. Each doll magically lights up in the dark while you keep her in your hands.

Since we have received our Glimmies, they have been everywhere! Grace loves to put them in her dolls pram with her baby and take them to bed with her to light up at night time. For such small things, it has become well loved by Grace aged 3 and Jake aged 6 who both like playing together with the Glimmies under a home-made den they make in their bedroom.

Glimmies have a light sensor which is situated on top of their head, so once the surrounding area is dark the magic happens, they begin to light up. They also have an on/off switch situated on the back to save battery when they are not being played with.


You can purchase Glimmies from Flair, Amazon & all good toy shops


Mummy H and Grace

We was sent this item to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    Megan asks for these when they are advertised, they do look cool xXx

  2. Margaret

    Little beauties
    My neice would love these

  3. RachelSwirl

    we were also lucky enough to review these little beauties.

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