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Lynx Car Fresheners

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Lynx is a well know brand for men and ladies deodorant. But did you know that they also do car fresheners?

No, neither did we! But now I’ve heard of it, I think its a fabulous idea. Their aromas are very distinctive and last so long.  We have got our hands on 3 Lynx car fresheners to review and wow, we are so impressed already.

Lynx Car Fresheners Family Clan

Since getting our new car in January, we have bought so many car fresheners and they last about a week or so before the fragrance is lost. We have been very disappointed so far with what we found on the market, so we couldn’t wait to put these new Lynx fresheners to the test.

Lynx Car Fresheners Variety

Each of the Lynx car fresheners last fresh for 30 days. They come in a large variety of your well known fragrances from Lynx.

The Lynx car fresheners are available in 3 different types for you to place in your preferred position in you car.
Hanging, Vent and Gel Can

Lynx variety of fresheners

I love how sleek they are and they definitely don’t look out of place in the car.

We have decided to first use the subtle and sensual, Lynx Dark Temptation.

Lynx variety of fresheners

The freshener was very simple to set up, just removing the product from the packaging and then within you will find the sealed for freshness bag with the scent sticks in. Pop these out and clip into the freshener, pot the casing back on and its done.

Push onto your vent and there you have 30 days of freshness for your car.

Lynx Car Fresheners Review

Lynx Dark Tempation offers a blast of sweetness with a hint of spice thanks to a blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn scents. Evenly diffusing the sophisticated Lynx scent for up to 30 days.

There are also refillable scent sticks you can buy separately. View the wide variety of Lynx Car Fresheners on the Halfords Website.

Our Thoughts

Slick and understated, the Lynx vent car fresheners are made from a high-quality ceramic material, meaning they will make a stylish addition to your car’s interior. I really think it looks great in our car and the smell is lovely, not over powering at all, and long lasting! I’d highly recommend them!

Mummy H

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3 Thoughts to “Lynx Car Fresheners Longer Lasting Fragrance”

  1. Carly Belsey

    No I have not heard of these ones. Blimey if there is one that smells like Lynx Africa it will remind me of my teenage years as all the boys used to spray it all over themselves haha.

  2. ashleigh allan

    Didn’t know they did these – sounds great although I am a bit hesitant on what the fragrance will be like!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Rate these – not overpowering and do last too – love them

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