Giveaway – Love Leggings Children’s Range

Love Leggings Childrens Range

Love Leggings are a premium leggings brand that offer a range of non-see-through Everyday Cotton, Maternity, Sports and Children’s leggings. Perfect for all day wear, their cotton everyday leggings have been designed to offer long-lasting comfort and support, with a non-see-through, full coverage guarantee.

The adults range I will give 10/10 as they are just fantastic, but did you know that Love Leggings offer a children’s range?

It’s always play-time in our durable and super soft kids leggings. These non-see-through kids leggings are all-year wardrobe essentials – perfect for play, school and everything in between. They’re made from our softest cotton for the ultimate comfort and shape retention.


Love Leggings offer full length or cropped in the children’s range and you are in for a treat with the variety of colours.

Love Leggings Childrens review by Family Clan

As you can see there is a good array of colours available, this is just a selection from their website, but there are more colours too.

I just love the amount of colours available you can find the perfect pair to match that outfit up!

I love how Love Leggings also deliver their products. Each pair of leggings arrive protected in their very own bag, which again assures me that they are good quality too.

Grace has quite alot of tops and I have a particular favourite that we knew these leggings would match too. Opening the packet you are greeted with such great quality. They really are truly magnificent.

Not realising it was absolutely pouring down outside, we dressed for summer. Oops!

Love Leggings childrens leggings review by Family Clan

So quick coat on and brolly and out the door!

Love Leggings childrens leggings review by Family Clan

Me and Grace love to wear our Love Leggings, and they definitely kept our legs dry whilst we popped out in torrential rain for the school run.

They have what I would describe as a light fleecy lining inside, so they are perfect now that we are in Autumn. To be fair Grace would dress for summer even in the snow. She loves bright colours!

Love Leggings childrens leggings review by Family Clan

10/10 from us both. They are a magnificent brand which stand for amazing quality. You really do get what you pay for!

You can see the whole range on the Love Leggings website. They are perfect to wear during the current lockdown!


Love Leggings have been kind enough to offer two pairs of Childrens Love Leggings to win! You really are in for a treat, and with a great selection of colours available and not to forget you can choose from Full Length or Cropped. 

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Question is ‘Whats your little ones favourite outfit?’

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100 Thoughts to “Giveaway – Love Leggings Children’s Range”

  1. Jeanette Leighton

    My daughter loves her rabbit dress its white with a picture of a rabbit on the front

  2. Hayley Cunningham

    Love the yellow and bright colours

  3. isis1981uk

    My daughter loves her fluffy penguin jumper dress & tights from Primark!

  4. Christine Taylor

    My kids are not so little any more and never let me pick their clothes but I’d have to say their PJs lol

  5. Jennifer Toal

    Leggings and a hoody

  6. Callagimx

    Amazing! Love bright funky colours!

  7. Geri Gregg

    My son loves his peppa pig jumper atm!

  8. Stephanie Arnold

    Denim skirt with leggings and a fluffy jumper. The more colour, the better. 🙂

  9. Helen

    My eldest is a bit of a tom boy and lives in jeans or leggings, my youngest is a complete girlie girl and loves her dresses with either tights or leggings!

  10. A MacDonald

    my daughter loves her Elsa dress with bright leggings

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