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Love Layla have you sorted for Father’s Day, and with Father’s day fast approaching, there are presents to be bought everywhere. Cards are always something I tend to pick up last minute which is always the same standard ‘Happy Father’s Day’ or whichever occasion it is, as there are so many occasions throughout the year.

Why not make a ‘standard card’ a little more exciting with the collection which Love Layla has to offer.

Love Layla Collection of Cards Banner

Love Layla design and print hilarious, cheeky and rude Greetings Cards that will definitely provide laughs all round!

Full of humour, laughter and swear words that bring out the childish giggles in you – they create a card for every occasion.

Love Layla Collection of Cards review by Family Clan

They really do have such a great range of cards, suited for all the Dad’s out there. Daddy J, will be receiving one of these cards from his two elder children, that all have the great sense of humour to suit.

Love Layla Collection of Cards review by Family Clan

Love Layla also create cards suited from the younger children too.

Like ‘My Dad has the most awesome child” “Dad’s and Unicorns rule the world”so many more.

They are a card that we can’t wait to see his reaction too.

Love Layla don’t just offer cards

Not only do they create cards, they offer so much more!

You really are in for a treat, the theme carries on throughout the website, full of rude and funny humour, expect bad language, this is what works so well with their ranges. Not suited for all, but then it would be boring if we was all the same wouldn’t it!

I can’t wait to go looking for birthday presents and cards when occasions arrive, they are sure to be a winner.

Have a look on the Love Layla Website you are sure to find something.

Mummy H

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9 Thoughts to “Love Layla Humour Greetings Cards”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Have a few big birthdays coming up – like to send cards that are memorable ! Found just the right ones

  2. Rachel Craig

    Greeting cards :- I like nice, sentimental, humorous, kind.

    I am not one for rude cards. Neither would I want to receive a rude card.

    Happy Times such as Birthdays, Celebrations are for Happy Memories, Happy Momentoes, etc. Such is the Philosophy with which I was raised.

    (Courtesy, Respect, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Understanding).

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    These are BRILL – there’s always one to suit each OCCASSION .bringing lots of smiles

  4. Alice Colling

    these are great cards, so unique!

  5. Laura Wheatley

    I have some of these for this fathers day, they are great and I love the little gift voucher that comes with them

  6. Charles Fletcher

    Have not heard of LoveLayla before so will be having a look.

  7. Susie Wilkinson

    I love this style of card, it matches the sort of things I say to people! I’d not heard of LoveLayla before so will have to have a look!

  8. fionajk42

    My father is extremely straitlaced and would be horrified by these cards. I could send him one in my sister’s name and then enjoy the fallout! But that would be evil ….

  9. Kim Carberry

    I am so tempted to buy the “comfort over fashion” one for my dad. He loves his Crocs. lol
    The cards are such fun x

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