Logans Flower Growing Experiment

Logans Flower Growing Experiment 

Whilst being off school, due to the CoVid-19 virus and the lock down in full swing, Logan’s been doing a small bit in science about flowers for his school work.

He has been learning about the circle of life of plants, from when the seeds are planted to how they grow and what they need to do to help them grow.

He had to put them in the correct order, which I am proud to say he got right the very first time.

Logans Flower Growing Experiment Family Clan

So, whilst shopping with Daddy S, Logan spotted some “Shake and Rake” yellow and pink seeds. He asked very nicely “Can we have these to plant dad, then we can watch them grow into beautiful flowers, please Dad”. He came running into the house, so excited to start digging and shaking the seeding into a pot that I already had.

Logans Flower Growing Experiment Family Clan


Every night he fills a bottle of water and goes out to water all the soil in the pot where he had put seeds in.


He loved watching what was happening each day/couple of days and how each day the growth of his flower had changed.

Logans Flower Growing Experiment Family Clan

As as you can see, they have turned into some beautiful bright yellow flowers! He is rightly very proud of himself for getting the seeds to grow.

He has needed no encouragement to look after the plants and is now waiting patiently for his pink flowers to grow.  I’ll update the post when they flower.

My Thoughts

It has been a good task for Logan to do and he has really enjoyed it. It’s also taught him that sometimes you have to be patient and wait for things to happen.

We don’t have the biggest garden, but I do try to encourage both Logan and Jensen to see what wildlife we get in it.  We have a few regular birds that we put seeds and the like out for.

You can also get these seeds and more from the Amazon website.

Have your children been growing anything during the lock down?

Mummy E

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6 Thoughts to “Logans Flower Growing Experiment”

  1. Maya

    It’s lovely to see kids doing some gardening or growing flowers. Our kids helped with the tomatoes which grew very well.

  2. Susan B

    Well done, Logan. I developed a lifelong love of gardening and nature when I started growing seeds like these. Hoping our youngest will enjoy it, too.

  3. jenrhymer

    I think this is great, my children’s poppy seeds have grown and just bloomed x

  4. Lyndsey cooksey

    Oh well done Logan! What a beautiful post and photo! We have most of the materials and tools required to plant something, we just need to go to a garden center or somewhere to buy and look at seeds doe the time of year to plant as I haven’t got a clue!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Well done logan – youve dine so well – mine didnt bloom

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Aww that is such a shame Margaret. Will they not come out during the summer? xxJane

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