Logan Makes Gingerbread Men Homework

Logan Makes Gingerbread Men Homework

This week Logan has being learning and reading about The Gingerbread Man and part as his homework Logan needed to write a recipe and make some Gingerbread Men.

Daddy S helped Logan to measure all the ingredients and put them into the bowl ready to be mixed.

Logan is really enjoying reading and re-enacting the story at school and as well at home. So he was beyond excited when he had to make some Gingerbread Men.

Logan cutting the dough for his Gingerbread Men Family Clan

Logan help Daddy S to roll out the dough, then found the cutters, unfortunately we didn’t have any boy/girl cutter but luckily Daddy S managed to cut some out. Think he’s done very well.

We did have love heart cutters in witch Logan kept saying ‘I love you mammy’ holding the heart up. He so cute (sometimes) Even Jensen got involved in making them by helping to hold the cutters and watched as Daddy S and Logan to cut all the shapes out.

Logan making sure his Gingerbread men does not run away Family Clan

Logan loves the part of the story when the Gingerbread Man jumps out of the oven and runs away. He made sure that his Gingerbread man didn’t get away “this time” by looking and watching his man cooking nicely!

Very proud of his Gingerbread men Family Clan

I think he’s done a great job at making his Gingerbread Man. He’s named them Logan and Max after himself and his friend.

Daddy S and Logan,

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4 Thoughts to “Logan Makes Gingerbread Men Homework”

  1. Jeanette Leighton

    Great effort they look yummy and he looks like.he had great fun

  2. Sharon Freemantle

    Sounds like everyone had a fun time. They look Yummylicous Logan ??

  3. Susan B

    Well done, Logan. Delicious looking gingerbread men.

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    He has done a great job. They look fab

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