Logan ‘Goes To Sleep’ Book Review

Goes To Sleep Book Review

Kasia Dudziuk is the co-founder of this brilliant personalised childrens’ book “Goes To Sleep”.

Kasia Dudziuk has over 10 years experience as a designer and illustrator. She has more than 70 published titles under her name. Her expertise varies from working with character brands such as Winnie-the-Pooh and Mr. Men.

Truly Personalised. These “Goes to Sleep” series of children’s book give you the chance to let your child be in the very middle of such a wonderful bedtime story.

Logan completely loved the fact that the book was for him and that he was the ‘main character.’

I love the little quote on back of the first page! It makes you realise how important family time actually is with your little ones.

What’s great about these ‘Go To Sleep’ stories is that you are able to personalise them to your child!

That’s right, this book allows you or your child to go wild. You can choose your own character for a boy or girl, go crazy with any colour hair and skin tone. Then you can also select your child’s favourite animal to feature in this magical story.

Making their bedtime adventure something unique.

More about the book

“Goes to Sleep” book is based on leading research by Children’s Sleep Specialists from the Children’s Sleep Charity, Harvard Medical School and the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney Australia.

Gathering all the best research and advice, Kasia Dudziuk tested this ‘Goes To Sleep’ book with hundreds of parents and their children.

By making this book an essential part of a child’s routine, helping both children and parents get the best possible nights sleep.

I couldn’t wait to read this with Logan, he’s not the best of sleepers and can sometimes be a tinker to put to bed never mind getting him to sleep. Nor can he actually lay still for more than 5 minute he’s a very active child, so I will try ANYTHING to help at bedtime! 

Not only does this book create a personalised Bedtime Routine that encapsulates all the best possible practices, but it also has some of the most gorgeous illustrations and rhymes in helping you enjoy your evenings with your child.

My Thoughts

I have loved reading this story book to Logan to help get him settled.

The first night I read this story, Logan would gather some teddies and pretend that they was part of the story too and followed each page and there adventure. This was lovely to see.

While reading it through, Logan like that each animal had their own name and said ‘they suited that name’. He especially loved ‘Ellie’ the Elephant as he also has an Elephant called Ella which was actually mine!

Goes to Sleep review by Family Clan

Logan was so intrigued to which animal would be on the next page and what there adventure would be to help ‘Logan’ fall asleep.  He also thought that his little ‘dream cloud’ was ‘very cute’

I would recommend this story book to any Mammy and Daddy. It is a very good and easy read for your child to enjoy being read to or read themselves before they go to sleep.

Available to purchase on the Goes To Sleep Goes To Sleep website.

Mummy E

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    This is so cute! My nephew loves going to bed though I think he is prepping for his teenage years!

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    It changes from time to time but at the moment we are loving Ten Minutes to Bed Little Monster

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