Little Tikes Crazy Family Games Night

Little Tikes Family Games Night

Little Tikes’ new range of games and puzzles are a fun and unique way to get children memorising, matching and moving, inspiring both active and imaginative play! Introducing young children to the concept of following rules, finding solutions and the incentive of winning, the range – new for Autumn 2018 is the perfect way to develop their social skills, train their memory and test their reflexes.

To celebrate the launch of the new Little Tikes games range, I have been challenged to go head-to-head with my children and see who can reign victorious for a Kids Vs Parents Games Night.

The new Crazy Toaster and Crazy Blender are just screaming with excitement as soon as you see the box, so much fun to be had and we really couldn’t wait to get started.

So in true games night style, we ordered in food, nice glass of wine poured for me (of course) and let the games begin!

First for our Family Games Night Grace and Jake wanted to challenge me to try Crazy Toaster.

Little Tikes Crazy Toaster

Contents of the box:-

40 pieces of toast
4 plates
4 pans
2 forks
2 spoons
2 cups
Sticker sheet

The Little Tikes Crazy Toaster, was very easy to set up by following the very simple instructions. We added the spoons and forks as the toaster’s feet and arms, next I added the two cups in position to make eyes, added the stickers on for the eyes and nose to make the toaster look even more crazy plus an added bonus, no batteries required!

How to play Crazy Toaster

After assembling the toaster, place the toaster in between all players. Each player now takes a plate and the matching colored pan, the Crazy Toaster has 4 slots inside, gather your toast into piles of 10 and place each pile into each slot. The game is set, let the challenge commence.

The first player is the person who woke up earliest in the morning, Jake went first by pressing the Crazy Toaster’s nose down, everyone gets their pans to the ready and wait a few seconds for the toaster to ‘POP’ and the toast flies out in different angles. The aim is to catch any of the toast in your pan then you can place this on your plate if it matches, if it doesn’t match you can place this on the outlined square, and what’s more you never know how many pieces of toast is going to be ejected it!

If the toast falls on the table or floor you leave this, but be careful… if you catch the stinky fish in your pan, you lose one of your slices of toast from your plate. If a stinky fish lands side up on the table, all players race to exchange the toast from their outlined square with any slices that are toast side up on the table.

The game ends when the toaster is completely empty, the player with the most matching toast to what is on the plate is the winner!

This was extremely fun, it was a game that seemed to be constantly in play, if I wasn’t adding a slice to my plate, Jake had already pressed the nose ready for the next turn when I wasn’t ready, this really did add to the fun though as it kept the fun going and being totally unprepared just made us all laugh.

The Little Tikes Crazy Toaster was extremely fun for all, we all had a good laugh.

We loved this, and you never quite knew when the toast was going to be ready to pop and how many were going to fly out, after the first 6 games, Jake and Grace truly took the lead, I won 2 out of the 6. Game on kids for the next one!

Little Tikes Crazy Blender

With having a loss under my belt and the winner’s medal gleaming wonderfully in sight, this time I was eager to win this Little Tikes Crazy Blender.

Contents of the box:-

Crazy Blender
25 Fruit Cards
Apple Hand
Banana Hand

Once again, this Little Tikes Crazy Blender was very simply set up, just inserting the ‘arms’ into the side of the blender, applying the sticker to its mouth and 3x AA batteries are required for this game.

How to play Crazy Blender

Place the Crazy Blender in between the middle of all players, each player gets three cards placed fruit-side up in front of them. Then place the remaining cards into a pile next to the blender with the ice cream side up. Turn on the blender, and lets play!

The player who ate fruit most recently is the first to start, Grace at fruit last so she needed to insert one card into the blender and say out loud the fruit shown on the card.

Little Tikes Family Games Night Crazy Blender Review by Family Clan 2

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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  1. Sharon Freemantle

    Looks a fun game ?

  2. Samantha O'D

    These look fun, my daughter would like these

  3. James Travis

    Looks like lots of fun

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Looks loads of fun – certainly one we’ll have to but too

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks like lots of fun and great with Christmas coming up

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