Little Tikes Cook N Learn Kitchen Review

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn Kitchen Family Clan Blog

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Kitchen

We have received Little Tikes Cook N Learn kitchen to review by Rainbow Toy Awards, for whom we are Toy Ambassadors.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn Kitchen Family Clan BlogUpon seeing the box Grace was so excited to know what was in the big blackLittle Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen packaging box as it arrived just before she finished nursery so it was here when she returned. It arrived in black cellophane secured with sticky tape the box is in very good condition upon arrival and all contents secured within.   It’s also recyclable so no environmental worries.


The kitchen box is a perfect fit for all the contents inside, they are all slotted next to each other. I just tipped the box and it all came out together.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen instructions

Included was stickers, kitchen accessories, kitchen instructions & assembly instructions. The assembly
instructions were very simple to understand. They are in number order simply telling me which pieces are needed and where they need to go with a diagram of all pieces to refer back to if needed.Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen box contents

I started by adding the stickers which were indeed super sticky and not the type that will start to peel away after a few months, I aligned them up and applied to the correct places. The stickers are really good quality which will last for a long time and will wipe clean.

I needed a screwdriver throughout the assembly of the kitchen (not supplied.) The sink section requires 4x AA batteries, that aren’t included in the product. I have since bought a rechargeable battery unit and batteries as I know this is going to be well loved for years so planning ahead!

After applying the stickers it was pretty straight forward what I needed to do next. Add the magnet holder for the oven door, towel bar, counter top and kitchen wall.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen
I found that when I needed to screw ome piece into another there was no guide hole on the 2nd piece to line the pieces up together so when I was trying to line up the counter top I found it did seem unaligned. After a few attempts I managed to get it aligned, then inserted the sink unit into place with the oven light being inserted at the same time through a hole which reaches down inside the oven then I added the tap until it clicked into place.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen
Back view of the kitchen

Next was for me to fit the mobile device holder which just simply slots in to the back of the kitchen wall and secured by 6 screws. I added the kitchen hood, the utensil bar then screwed the counter top to the back of the kitchen wall then added the basket which stores ingredients to the bottom front of the kitchen.

All I needed to do now was insert my tablet device, the kitchen fits any size device. Slide the support bracket which fits securely to the top of the device and when that was in position there is a locking clip at the back which is flipped up and my device is in a very secure position and won’t topple off when being used by Jake and Grace…….. then we were ready to play!

I downloaded the app from the Play Store, synchronized the kitchen with my Samsung tablet, which was a simple process all I needed to do was press the Signal button on the kitchen and turn my Bluetooth on from my device and it is connected within about 5 seconds. For the first time play it is advised that you check for updates which I did, it didn’t take long at all.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen
Grace is really enjoying chopping the tomatoes and apples with her ‘big knife’

The Little Tikes Cook N Learn Kitchen is well suited for Grace who is three and Jake who is aged six. They are both always very keen to help in kitchen, when Mummy or Daddy are cooking. Since receiving this Grace is always following me into the kitchen when she knows that I am preparing tea, she really enjoys cutting up potatoes and grapes with her ‘big girl knife’.

On the app there are two age modes to choose from ‘Toddler’ or ‘Pre-School’
The app aims to teach:- letters, numbers, colors, following directions, cause & effect and food facts.
In each mode there are:-
‘Spot what’s missing’ – compare 2 plates of food on the app 1 item is removed from 1 and then you need to find the fruit/vegetable which is missing and place it on the chopping board.
‘Plant to plate’ – Follow the steps shown on the app by getting your food from plant to plate before time runs out!
‘Guess which food’ – The talking carrot gives you clues to help you guess the food he’s thinking of. Once you think you’ve got it, you place it on the chopping board and he will tell you if you have gotten it right!

There are a wide selection of foods that your child can make. They select which they would like to choose and follow the instructions step by step for making delicious meals!

Choose from classic nursery tunes, each with special written lyrics that teach letters, numbers and how different plants grow and become food

Free Play
The kitchen comes with 46 accessories so there is lots to do! The Free Play section allows your child to explore by allowing you to play as you normally would. With the kitchen being interactive thry will recognize when placing items in places.
When you place the pan on the hob it will show you on the screen that it is being placed, and if you add a vegetable it will show you adding it on the screen into the pan. The kitchen reacts to play with realistic sounds i.e. if you place the pan on the hob you will hear the ‘clunk’ sound.
Switching on the tap makes the sound of running water which also interacts to the screen and shows you running water coming out the tap on the screen whilst your child plays.
When you open the oven door the light comes on in the inside which allows your child to check on their food whilst cooking. This is a great addition as they often see me checking the oven when cooking or baking.

Little Tikes Cook 'n Learn kitchen
Grace made me a pan of soup which included apples and tomatoes ‘for my tea’

There are also volume settings on the kitchen which you can set as loud/medium/off.

Throughout the app, after completing challenges you will get to choose a sticker of your choice and place it on your sticker board and after 5 stickers you get a trophy, our trophy selection is forever growing!

Little Tikes Cook N Learn Kitchen Family ClanJake and Grace like to take turns and also play together a lot. I find once we have selected our ‘toddler or preschool mode’ we were unable to go back and change the mode again. I would have to exit the app and re load it to go back to the home screen.

I also think that this kitchen would benefit an expansion pack to include different meats. So it would include learning about all the different meats and which animal they come from to teach a children that meat comes from animals, not supermarkets.
The app character speaks American and says things like ‘tomato sauce’ for tomato soup, I think it would be great if you could set your language for the app as now Jake is saying ‘Tom’A’to’ instead of ‘Tom’arto’.

‘Its cool and I love it and I want to keep it for ever and ever and ever’
Jakes favorite part on the app is ‘spot what’s missing’ he likes that he can go and find the missing item and that the app will know if he is right or wrong when it is placed on the chopping board.

Grace really enjoys making her own recipes and is always clicking on to make the pizza and putting it in the pan then in the oven.

The kitchen really has hit 10/10 marks from me and even Jake has gave it a 10/10 AND a thumbs up!
The quality of the kitchen is very impressive. The equipment will last for many many years as they’re sturdy items and no flimsy bits that will snap after a few hours play.
The amount of hours that Jake and Grace have already had playing with the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen just shows what a good quality set this is. It is even fun-filled without using the app as it is still an interactive kitchen i.e. when adding the pan on to the stove it will still ‘clunk’, and tap still makes running water noises and oven light still comes on.
It would be an excellent choice for a birthday present or Christmas gift if you are looking for that ‘big toy’.

The Little Tikes Cook N Learn Kitchen is currently available to buy from Amazon for £149.99.

What would you make in your Cook N Learn Kitchen?

Mummy H

7 Thoughts to “Little Tikes Cook N Learn Kitchen Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Think it’s time my GREAT neice learnt how to cook me some lunch – this would be fab

    1. Mummy H

      Grace still loves this, shes been playing with it today believe it or not! I’ve had mince pie, chicken pie and tomato pie! Good to see these things last though!

      1. Margaret Gallagher

        Esmay loves her food too – think her mummy makes shepherds pie and peas/ carrots as that’s all She ever wants when she comes here – she’d certainly adore this kitchen

  2. Rosie

    This is SO nice, I’ve not seen one so realistic and truly fun, they thought of everything!

  3. Margaret

    My nephew has this kitchen
    Hes always so busy with it
    Maybe we’ll have chefs of the future

  4. Richard Tyler

    Great product, top review! 🙂

  5. RachelSwirl

    Gosh this looks such fun, our kids both love the wooden kitchen we have but this looks so interesting!

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