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No matter what we say it really wouldn’t be Valentines Day if we didn’t receive chocolate, well at least that goes for me! Lily O’Brien’s chocolates are up there with the very best I’ve ever had and these hearts are so delicious, it’s playing havoc with my diet!

Well I had to test them right?!?

Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Crispy Hearts Family Clan

The Crispy Hearts come in a box of twelve. This delicious milk chocolate smothering crunchy honeycomb pieces are perfect for a Valentines Day gift.

Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Crispy Hearts Family Clan

Before I bit in to the chocolate heart I have to tell you I expected a soft center but it is in fact solid, luscious, luxurious milk chocolate coating the honeycomb chips inside.

Who is Lily O’Brien?

Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates started life as the brainchild of Mary Ann O’Brien who, having recovered from a debilitating illness in the early 1990s, discovered her true passion for all things chocolate. Embarking on a journey of discovery, Mary Ann honed her chocolate-making skills among world class chefs and chocolatiers in both South Africa and Europe before starting her own mini enterprise from her Kildare kitchen in 1992. With little more than two saucepans, a wooden spoon and her then toddler, Lily, acting as production manager Mary Ann began to create high quality chocolate recipes for friends and family.

Not satisfied with the scale of her enterprise she soon expanded in the hope of positioning excellent Irish chocolate on the world map. Naming the company after her daughter Lily seemed like the most natural thing to do at the time and since then Lily O’Brien’s chocolates has established itself as one of Ireland’s best-loved chocolatiers.

With Mary Ann still at the helm of the business, the passion that first inspired her chocolate honeycomb hedgehogs is still present in every aspect of the business and family values remain at the very core of Lily O’Brien’s. Based in the heart of Co. Kildare, Mary Ann and her team continue to develop mouth-watering chocolate creations using the finest quality ingredients.

Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Crispy Hearts Family Clan

Where Can I Get Them?

These crispy heart chocolates from Lily O’Brien’s would make an excellent Valentines Gift and you can buy them from their website & some supermarkets. They normally cost £5 but at the moment they are on offer for just £4.50, which is a good price for luxurious chocolates. I would definitely recommend them and they would be a perfect box of chocolates to give or receive this Valentines Day.

Nanna Jane

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3 Thoughts to “Lily O’Brien’s Crispy Heart Chocolates”

  1. Rosie

    I love anything with hearts, and it is great to see a whole box of chocolate hearts. I want to try these! I’d like to have them as part of a “heart” gift basket! I make them with my homemade heart pillows!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Adore lily O’BRIENS chocolates -a treat anytime of the year

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Love lily o Brien chocolates. These sound great and good price

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