GIVEAWAY: Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Levoit are here to help you feel refreshed and revitalized with their True HEPA Air Purifier.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier

I really suffer with hayfever and although I look forward to summer, it’s when the pollen reaches its high it get’s to me really bad.

I am looking for a helping hand to help prevent symptoms, especially it seems now Jake who is 8 appears to be  having these symptoms with the last spell of hot weather we had a few months ago.

So this is why I said yes to giving Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier a try!

Setting up Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier

When you open the box the Air Purifier looks pretty much ready to go. All I needed was to open the back cover and remove the two filters from their plastic packaging.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier review by Family Clan

There is a Carbon Filter and a HEPA Filter within the two packets.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier review by Family Clan

After removing them both from their packets next I needed to put them back in. So I placed the Carbon Filter (the black one) in first, slotting perfectly within the back of the Air Purifier.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier review by Family Clan

Then also the HEPA Filter which also fit great, not to loose or to tight I just had to make sure I placed them in with the pull-tabs facing out.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier review by Family Clan

I then replaced the back cover and that’s it, we’re set. Plugged it in to start.

Levoit Filter, how it works

Using the Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier

Always make sure the air purifier is on a flat and level surface before operation and allow about 38cm of clearance on all sides. So I placed mine into the corner of the room allowing the space around.

I turned it on and it instantly starts operating on a low speed, but this can be adjusted as there are 3-speeds to choose from, low, medium and high.

Different Modes Available

The Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier is also ideal to use at night, there is a ‘Sleep Mode Button’ simply press this button to turn on/off and this will set on the lowest speed setting, to create a quiet environment whilst still producing clean air.

I must say, there is very minimal noise coming from Air Purifier on low, and even on high it isn’t so much different to a fan within the house.

There is also an Auto Button, using a sensor inside this will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the current air quality to provide clean air for your living space.

There is also an air quality indicator which will also illuminate on the LED display if your  air quality is bad/moderate, good or very good.

The Timer Button allows you to program a timer anywhere from 1 to 12 hours. To set just press the timer button repeatedly, then leave and this will set by flashing three times. Once your time has finished counting down the air purifier will automatically power off.

Maintaining Your Air Purifier

There is an icon on the air purifier that will light up to remind you to check the air filter It is recommended to change the air filters every 6-8  months, but this is dependent on how often you use it.

The instruction booklet included within your Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier gives you a very detailed step-by-step guide on replace your filters and it is also full of information on problem guiding should any problems arise, but I have had no problems at all.

Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier review by Family Clan

More about Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier

With a CADR rating of 135+, it can provide fresh air up to 328 ft² (30 m²), making it perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even offices.

The air purifier is ideal for relieving seasonal allergies, people sensitive to air quality, or those who want to improve the air quality in their households.

It uses a three stage filter that includes True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), Pre-Filter, and Activated Carbon filters to remove 99.97%of dust, allergens, bacteria and odours.

Let Levoit true HEPA filtration produce clean, fresh air for your home and take care of dust, allergens, and bacteria-filtering out particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Our Thoughts

I am really impressed with this Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier. It has cleared the room, I can see this being beneficial for smokers too as the Air Purifier will remove the air-borne smell of smoke filtering it away which is ideal if you have children around.

You can purchase this on the Amazon Website.

Mummy H


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405 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Levoit True HEPA Air Purifier Review”

  1. Marc H

    I’ve always had terrible allergies, both hay fever and dust. Have always been curious about these.

  2. Pat H

    Hayfever and general Allergies, Awful this time of year for me and my daughter.

  3. Patricia Avery

    I am really suffering at the moment with hay fever and would love to find something other than medication to relieve my symptoms

  4. Jo Richards

    I would love to win this as the kids dad, can sometimes barely breath when he comes over to see the kids. He’s unsure of what triggers it as one day it can be my dogs and other days it can just be from going outside. I think he needs allergy testing badly but this would really help him to enjoy being here with his children

  5. Janice

    my house needs some better air around it

  6. Isabel

    I’ve wanted to try one for a while- I have ongoing allergies all year round which keep my sinuses and nose all stuffed up. My mum has been saying I should try one too.

  7. Max

    My little boy has allergies and is constantly coughing and is struggling to stay in bed. This sounds like it would really help us all get a good night’s sleep!

  8. Laura Chapman

    I suffer from hayfever, so this would be great to alternate between my home office and bedroom. I’m also moving into a new house in June which is quite musty smelling, plus there’s lots of dust as it’s been empty for a while, so again, I think something like this would really help with my allergies.

  9. jomarise

    My daughter has allergies, we have been thinking about buying one for a while but they are quite expensive

  10. Alexandra Armstrong

    To improve my DH’s health

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