Learning about our world and beyond with SmartGlobe AR by Oregon Scientific

I have never been one to be the best at Geography, but learning about our world has always interested me to see how other people live and what places look like in different areas of the world.
This Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe will teach you everything you need to know and it isn’t all as it appears. This SmartGlobe has multiple features. It comes pre-programmed with so much it will keep your children entertained for hours, and make learning fun as they explore the world around them.

The Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Myth combines map, constellations, fairy tales and earth facts all in one globe and not to mention the amazing 4D Augmented Reality part of it too. Oregon Scientific take a personal interest in designing products that help both children and adults understand more about our global neighbours. It is their goal that we learn something new and inspiring that might change your perspective of the world around us.

The globe is jam packed full of information about the world around us, and it is full of interesting facts. The key features with the globe are:-
12 Constellation Stories – Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo – Listen to 12 stories about the different Constellations, so interesting as this is something I don’t really know anything about at all, so this has taught me a few things.
Bring the constellations to life as this globe can also double up as a night light with 88 constellations by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).
Oregon Scientific smartglobe consteallations image night light
10 Fairy Tales – Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea, Rumpelsiltskin, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs, Golden Goose, Rapunzel and The Ugly Duckling – Listen to 10 top fairy tales and changing the volume setting this would also be a great wind-down choice before bedtime.
69 Earth Facts – Earth, Natural Disaster, Landforms, Plants and Animals, Other Facts – Learn so many facts about the Earth, so much to learn!
What’s more the SmartGlobe Myth has built in Augmented Reality technology, providing you with a real world view with their dedicated Smart Globe App.

Bringing the Globe to life with 4D Augmented Reality

With all this pre-installed information memorizing, there is more! The SmartGlobe Myth also has a 4D experience using the Smart Globe app that you can download FREE to your device which then allows you to further learn more about the world around us.

Jake loved this part, simply holding your device over the globe you can explorer more around the world such as, cuisines, dinosaurs, animals, landmarks, climate, universities and tourist. 
Jake has a big fascination with dinosaurs so I knew this would have been his first choice. After selecting ‘Dinosaurs’ what we need to do now is hold the device over the globe, spinning the globe to the destination we would like to be, then you can see the 4D dinosaurs come to life and it appears to be standing on the globe in the position on the country they were discovered.
Jake spent over an hour just looking through the Earth with dinosaurs, as when you have your dinosaur on screen you can allow it to walk, enlarge, move side to side with a swipe of your finger, you get full control. There is also an explanation about the dinosaur and its name is spoken to you so you can learn everything you need to know.
Jake took this photo of the dinosaur using the camera button on the app, which allows your children to take pictures as they play very simply by themself.
He even caught this lovely one of this spider to share with you all which he enlarged, thanks Jake!
Smart Globe Myth by Oregon Scientific 2
You can continue using the 4D Augmented Reality app by selecting each category, exploring around the world for each of the categories. This Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe is also STEM certified.

Our Thoughts

The Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe itself is priced at £39.99 which I believe to be an excellent price, you really do get value for money. It is also very high quality, very clear to read and see around. I like that Grace and Jake have fully studied the globe, I showed them where we are on the globe, to where France is.

When we went to France last year and we travelled by car and this took a few days to get to our location in France near Les Mathes, and showing them the distance on the globe where we travelled which is a few centimetres, in comparison to the whole world. It is only a small portion of the world we have seen but it really does put it into context to how big of a world we live in, and seeing that we are a blue planet with more water than land, shows this perfectly.

This Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe is amazing and I would highly recommend it, 10/10 from the kids too! You can purchase it from their site here

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Learning about our world and beyond with SmartGlobe AR by Oregon Scientific”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    That’s very cool, with an amazing amount of information coming with it.

  2. ashleigh allan

    This looks really good – would be fantastic for my sons Christmas!

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    This looks absolutely fantastic, it puts our inflatable globe to shame!

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    Wow what an amazing globe. It would definitely make learning more fun

  5. Rosemary Tily

    I shall add this to my Christmas list too. I wouldn’t have known of this globe, a perfect gift for my Grand-daughter if it wasn’t for your Blog, so thank you!

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    The boys have something similar but this one l9oks far superior – certainly be worth investing in one

  7. Susan B

    How utterly fabulous! I love maps and globes but, gosh, this is amazing and an absolute must-have item for my Christmas list. Thank you.

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