Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics

Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics Learning Aid Review by Family Clan

Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics Learning Aid Review 

It’s no secret that we are big Thomas the Tank Engine fans in the Family Clan household, Jake aged 7 and Grace aged 4, absolutely love watching Thomas & Friends. We have been sent the Learn with Thomas Alphaphonics – Electronic Learning Aid for review.

Upon receiving the product both Grace and Jake’s eyes lit up and were super eager to play. I removed the Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics from the box, and pulled the tab to release from battery compartment and then they were ready to learn!

With the Thomas & Friends Learn with Thomas Alphaphonics your child will learn letters, sounds, and spelling. The easy-to-handle toy features every letter in upper and lower case and images of well known characters and places from the stories. Children can select from seven different play modes. The play patterns are designed to help develop memory, follow sequences and concentration. Rewards include fun music and sound effects.

Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics Learning Aid Review by Family Clan

There are 7 fun activities to explore which you can do so by using the slider along the top of the learning aid.
The options of play:-

  • By selecting ‘Train‘ this gives you the options to listen to the different engines/item you click on followed by being told what the train related item is.
  • By selecting ‘ABC‘ – (letters,names and sounds) This tells you i.e. “Letter E sounds like ‘Eh’ as in Emily”.
  • By selecting ‘? Find‘ this tells you to find one of the Thomas & Friends related images on the toy, and applause’s when you find the correct one, then goes onto the next.
  • By selecting ‘?and‘ this tests your children on finding the first letter of a word. e.g. Find the first letter of the word ‘Whistle’.
  • By selecting ‘A b C‘ – this one tests your child to find the correct phonic, i.e. “can you find the letter ‘Y’ as in ‘yellow”.
  • By selecting ‘Copy Me’ it will make a sound of one of Thomas related items on the board and your child will have to find it.
  • By selecting ‘All Aboard‘ you can click on any of the Thomas related items and they will make a noise of what/who they are.Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics Learning Aid Review by Family Clan

The learning aid also has 3 buttons that you can click :- ‘abc’ which will go through the alphabet using the sound of phonics, which is a great way to help your child to understand for blending their sounds together when they get to nursery/reception age. Also a musical note button which will play 3 Thomas and Friends songs. The last button is a ‘repeat’ button, which allows your child to press, which will help if they have forgot what they were searching for.

This learning aid is a great way to have fun learning with Thomas and his friends and it also helps to promote early letter & word recognition, listening & attention and also memory & concentration.

Our Thoughts

Suitable for ages 3+ this Thomas & Friends – Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics is a perfect and fun way for your children to learn.
I like that it has handles on either side which makes it great to hold for left or right handed children. The learning aid requires 3 x AAA batteries which are already included, which is a great help. There is also volume control allowing you to increase or decrease the volume.
The learning aid does speak in British English as I know mums and dads are always questioning American English / British English toys, due to the letter ‘Zed’ compared to ‘Zee’ – This toy is “letter ‘Zed’, sounds like ‘zzz’ as in zoo”.

This phonics device has been a great help with Grace as she is currently using her phonic sounds in nursery.

You can purchase the Thomas & Friends – Learn with Thomas Alphaphonics on Amazon

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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6 Thoughts to “Learn with Thomas & Friends Alphaphonics”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Ethan has been treated to this beauty – he too is loving – teachers at nursery are quite impressed with how fast he is progressing too

  2. ashleigh allan

    Sounds like a good toy – great for learning all the letters

  3. Sidrah Ahmed

    Lovely educational toy

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Making learning fun

    Great way to learn

  5. Kayleigh Watkins

    Megan has the Peppa pig version of this, they are a great way too learn, she’s had her two years now and still enjoys playing with it, and I’m sure when Mollie is a little older she will use it too xx

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