Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum Mascara – Week 1

Lashtech Mascara

My best friend Shaz, has the most gorgeous long lashes, which she just puts a quick sweep of mascara on and she’s ready to go.  She hasn’t used anything or had extensions, we’ve known each other for over 24 years and this is the one thing I covert of hers.

I tried having semi permanent lashes, which I loved, but they didn’t stay on long enough and although I do occasionally wear false lashes I find them a bit fiddly, so I’ve been doing a bit of research on the web.

Being the possessor of almost invisible eyelashes, I thought I would try to enhance them with the new wonder serums that are available. I chose JML Jerome Alexander Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum with a free conditioning mascara containing collagen. I purchased them from Ebay for £4.90 with free P&P, not too expensive on my tight make up budget.  I know there are lots of different lash enhancing serums on the market, but I thought I’d start near the bottom.

Family Clan Blog Jerome Alexander Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum


Here are my lashes as they are now from the front

Family Clan Blog Jerome Alexander Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum Front View


and from the side

Family Clan Blog Jerome Alexander Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum Week One


You can see they are almost non existent and when I am wearing make up I have to wear false lashes and  really pile on the mascara, which has not been ideal in the lovely weather we have been having lately.  Oh, I know my eyebrows need doing but the lady who does them is away at the moment bad timing for this review but never mind.

According to the blurb on the box Lash Enhancing Serum was created by  US make-up professional Jerome Alexander and is formulated to increase lash volume, length of your eyelashes and also the strength.

The formulation is vitamin enriched and infuses natural extracts and concentrated peptides to enhance lash growth within just weeks, giving you enhanced thicker lashes.

It can be also applied on your eyebrows.

It doesn’t clump or break, and naturally rejuvenates and replenishes with essential protein and vitamins.

Long lasting formula that works around the clock.


Apply before bedtime in the evening. Apply a thin line to the base of the upper lashes, moving from the inner of the eye to the outer corner.  As you would apply eye liner Can also be used on lower lashes.

The serum tube unscrews to reveal a thin brush for application, so it can be placed accurately.

How Soon Will I See An Improvement?

The conditioning aspect of the serum starts working straight away, mine actually are not in bad condition, with it taking approximately 3 weeks to see a noticeable difference in the length and appearance.

Family Clan Blog Jerome Alexander Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum

If I Apply the Serum More Often Will It Work Quicker?

One application of the serum is all that is needed to improve the appearance and condition of the lashes, more application will just nourish your lashes.

Can Men Use the Serum?

Yes, because of the clear formulation of the serum it is suitable for both sexes.

How Long Will the Serum Last?

One bottle of the serum should last 1-2 months, if applied per the instructions. If only using on the upper lashes it will last longer, if using on the eyebrows more serum may be needed.

Can the Serum be Used by Contact Lens Wearers?

Yes, completely safe to use whilst wearing contact lenses

Can I Use it If I Have Extension Lashes/.

Yes, the serums unique blend of ingredients is also great for when you are wearing extensions to your lashes


Some users experience a slight tingling sensation when applying the serum, this should disappear with in a few minutes and will lessen and disappear with regular usage.   Do not continue use if it persists and consult your doctor.

I will start the experiment tonight and post weekly posts of my progress, if any.

Have you tried a lash enhancing serum? What did you think, I’d be very interested to hear.

Nanna Jane

I purchased this with my own money, this review is my honest opinion.  I was not paid for this post.

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2 Thoughts to “Lashtech Eye Lash Enhancing Serum Mascara – Week 1”

  1. Martina Evans

    I’d rather stick with the false eyelashes you get in store and the run-of-the-mill mascara.

  2. Motahhareh Eftekhary

    Such a rip-off.
    I bought the lash enhancer & mascara at Ross ( Dress for Less) on trip to Idaho Falls,Idaho but the lash enhancer was totally empty.
    I am not angry just so very disappointed in company and Ross. What can I do NOTHING!!!

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