Konditor & Cook Yumminess!

Konditor & Cook Yumminess!

Konditor and Cook is London’s most renowned cake shop. Konditor and Cook is the creation of expert baker Gerhard Jenne. Born in Freiburg, Germany, Gerhard’s first introduction to baking was licking the bowls after his mother had baked her delicious Apfelkuchen.

Destined to be a baker, Gerhard then trained as a Konditor (Pastry chef) in Munich. This is where he developed a taste for fine and indulgent cakes as well as healthy savoury whole food.

Konditor and Cook have kindly sent us some mince pies and tasty biscuits to review – well I had to try them out to let you know all about them.

Konditor & Cook Mince Pies

Konditor & Cook is famous Mince Pies that are made with the finest all-butter pastry and filled with a luxurious full flavoured vegetarian mincemeat. The Telegraph didn’t call them ‘The best Mince Pies in Britain’ for nothing!

Konditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family Clan

If you want a nice treat for after Christmas dinner then these are the mince pies for you. The all butter pastry is so delicious and if I hadn’t known I wouldn’t know that these mince pies are made with vegetable suet. They are so  succulent and delicious.

Using the best ingredients including :-Konditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family Clan

  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Wheat Flour
  • Eggs
  • Sultanas
  • Apple
  • Mixed Peel
  • Vegetable Suet
  • Mixed Spice
  • Orange Oil

With six in a pack you can happily share, but make sure you save a couple for yourself. They will keep non-refrigerated in a cool, dark and dry place in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

They are available on the Konditor & Cook website in boxes of six and 12.

Konditor & Cook Biscuit Box

Konditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family Clan

This lovely box of three packets of biscuits would be a lovely gift for a friend or the works ‘Secret Santa.’ The biscuits in the box are cinnamon stars, kipferl and lemon moons.

All presented beautifully in this lovely maroon gift box with these packets of scrumptiousness within.

Konditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family ClanKonditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family ClanKonditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family Clan

Cinnamon Stars

Nothing says Christmas like a star. A combination of mixed peel, almonds, lemon juice and zest with cinnamon and cloves makes these stars taste divine and they just melt in you mouth.


Lightly toasted hazelnuts are finely ground and mixed with vanilla, sugar and organic butter, then hand rolled into crescent moons and lightly baked to produce a delicious nutty texture.

Lemon Moons

Fly me to the moon! A crisp biscuit base of ground almonds covered in a zesty lemon meringue icing give our moon biscuits a delectable citrus crunch that softly crumbles in the mouth. Simply out of this world!

You can purchase all these products and more on the Konditor & Cook website.

Nanna Jane

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5 Thoughts to “Konditor & Cook Yumminess!”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Ooh, I’ll have to take a look. All these look gorgeous, and as you say, perfect for presents.

  2. Susan B

    Oooh, how delicious looking they are. Anyone who licked the bowls as a child after their mother whipped up some baking delights is a favourite with me!

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Yum i love mince pies and these look so good!

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    I don’t like mince pies though they do look delicious but the biscuits sound delicious I could certainly see me eat the lot ??

  5. Rosemary Tily

    I don’t think there would be much chance of the mince pies lasting for more than three minutes in this house so, although it’s good to know they would keep for up to three months. They look delicious as do the biscuits – a lovely gift idea too.

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