Knee Problem Update

A couple of days I went to see my specialist at the hospital about my knee problem.  Normally you have to wait ages, anyone who has ever been to see a doctor at a hospital will know this, but I had just managed to sit down when the nurse came & shouted my name.

I felt the whole waiting room look at me, I’d literally just walked in & the doctor is seeing me, I’m sure Knee Funnythey was thinking “How come she is being seen, when I’ve been sat here ages waiting?”.  Well all I can say is I arrived at my appointment time & maybe they were waiting to see a different doctor, but I did feel specially treated getting straight through like that.

I’m also pleased I didn’t have to wait as I was panicking about what he would say.

Anyhow after getting in to his room, we started discussing what they had seen on my MRI Scan that I had last month. It seems I have another meniscus tear but this time on the outside edge, previous tear was on the inside, & the arthritis on my joints is a serious stage 3. There are four levels, 1 being fine & nothing or little affected & 4 being really bad. So I’m to go back under the knife & have another arthroscopy.  I had been thinking he was going to say a whole need replacement, scary thought!, but he feels I’m too young for that – I’m finally to young for something. – but if this next operation doesn’t work that maybe where we will end up.

So sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be all battered & bruised again.

Wish me luck.

Nanna Jane

Photo credit to Kate Curtis

2 Thoughts to “Knee Problem Update”

  1. gouldie7

    I’ve had knee problems for many years (from football and cricket) so I sympathise….

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thanks hun, so not looking forward to the op again, but also can’t stand this pain much longer! Fingers crossed it works this time! xx

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