Klear-vol – Essential Oils for Inhalation

Klear-Vol Essential Oils Family Clan Blog

Klear-vol – Essential Oils for Inhalation

Klear-vol is a must have to keep in the medicine cupboard as you never know when your children will come down with a cold or blocked nose. Klear-vol Capsules make an excellent alternative to Karvol Capsules which have been unavailable for a number of years, I did use Karvol when Jake was younger, so I’m glad I have now found Klear-vol.

Klear-vol is perfect especially now the winter months are here in full swing. Grace and Jake keep getting blocked and runny noses so having Klear-vol to use has helped a big amount.

What is Klear-vol and how does it work?

If you are a new mum, or not yet have children you may not know what Klear-vol is. Klear-vol provides essential oils for inhalation delivering soothing natural vapours for day or night, the Klear-vol formulation releases soothing essential oils over many hours.

Klear-vol contains soothing natural aromatic oils such as pine, tymol and menthol. These aromatic vapours help to provide comfort overnight (or several hours), suitable from 3 months upwards.

Klear-Vol Essential Oils Family Clan Blog

These are formulated in a gelatine capsule and must NOT be swallowed, they are for inhalation only. To use simply cut off the top of the capsule, pour the liquid that is inside the capsule onto a tissue and place near your child avoiding direct contact. You can also pour it into a pint of hot water and inhale the vapour freely, a very aromatic smell for the room too.

Please Note –  Asthmatics should not inhale essential oils. Seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before using Klear‑vol if you or your child suffer from epilepsy, if you or your child suffer from skin allergies, if you are pregnant.
Klear-vol is suitable to use from babies 3 months+ and also suitable for adult. Available in packs of 10 capsules at £4.18. I would recommend you pick a pack up to have as they really do help when you have a child that is under the weather and full of a blocked nose!
Klear-Vol Essential Oils Family Clan Blog
Also available is a Klear-vol Childrens Vapour Capsules Care Package.
This would make an excellent gift to receive or give, included within this care package:-
Applicator hanky, Bebbington Bear cuddly toy and 10 Klear-vol Capsules such a perfect little gift for families with snuffly babies or children!
What’s more Klear-vol can also be used in adults, and yes it really does work! I applied some in Jake and Grace’s room and could smell it through the upstairs of the house, it was lovely as I was feeling a bit unwell too. So just a helping hand to breathe clearly is great!
Klear-vol is available at all good pharmacists and on Amazon.
Mummy H

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5 Thoughts to “Klear-vol – Essential Oils for Inhalation”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Could really use these beauties now – with the HEATING going on and being indoors more im always have blocked nose and sinus pain

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    These look great for all of the snotty noses in our household at the moment!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Ive heard of this range before but havent used them – luckily i never have issues with breathing or coughs colds – would be great for dad

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    I haven’t heard of this before. Sounds very good

  5. Amy

    I haven’t had any children, but I can definitely see how this would be pretty good. I’ve seen things like this for primarily adult use as well, and it seems like a safe way to help with inhalation.

    Have a great weekend!

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