Keep Me Going Cereal Review

Keep Me Going Cereal

Like most people I’m shocked when I read how much sugar & salt are in cereals, we are not only talking cheaper shop brands, but also the major brands too. Having brought five children up on cereals & home made porridge, I’m horrified by how much is in them. Richard from Freedom Cereals Ltd noticed this also when he happened to read the side of the packet of one of his children’s cereals, so he looked around at other cereals & found high sugar & salt is the norm.

Richard set about making a new cereal that is made from whole grain barley & oats. It took over 2 years to get it right!
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Keep-Me-Going has everything you could want for a delicious healthy start: high fibre, low Gi, (Glycaemic Index), reduced sugar, low salt, low fat, there’s no other breakfast cereal quite like it! But even better, it has a deliciously rich malty flavour and stays nice and crunchy in milk., the more I had the more I enjoyed it.  I added banana &  yoghurt one day, raspberries & strawberries – fresh from the garden to the bowl on another day. I really enjoyed the mixed flavours it gave.

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As you might know Granddad Al is a diabetic & has high blood pressure, so giving him a good start to the day is very important. Luckily Keep Me Going has a low Gi, even lower than traditionally made porridge. It is also great for those wishing to abstain from snacking, parents who want their children to eat less sugary cereals (even if they mix it with a sweeter brand), diabetics & those with high blood pressure.

Talk about snacking, I even found myself putting some in a small bowl & snacking on them whilst watching the TV in an evening, so much better for me than crisps & chocolate.

Keep Me Going is available on the Ocado for £2.65 for 375 grams, so it is priced competitively along the cereal shelf.  That was an important point for Richard as he didn’t want to put it priced too expensive.

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Compared to Special K Original (that is often advertised as a healthy cereal), Keep Me Going has eight times less salt; 60% less sugar; twice the fibre; and a low Gi, similar to traditionally made porridge (instant porridge has a high Gi). The Gi testing was conducted by Hammersmith Hospital and involved around a dozen volunteers having their blood-sugar levels checked at regular intervals after eating the cereal over a two week period. I was shocked at reading this as like most of you I believed the PR hype around Special K being good for me in a diet & in general.

Keep Me Going is aimed at the whole family, it should appeal to children, even without “disneyfying” the pack. There’s also a hidden code on the top flap which, if cracked, takes you to an off-menu page on their website with lots more information on codes & ciphers + another code to crack which leads to more pages. Also, if you take the pack to pieces, you’ll find a couple of words of ‘Pig Latin’ on one of the flaps, which you might by then know how to read. Great for the kids to do.
If you haven’t shopped at Ocado before but fancy giving it a go there is currently a £20 of your first shop & they also have free mid-week deliveries. You can find the details here.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Are these still going ! So many on the market its hard to decide what to buy

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds very good will need to keep a look out for it

  3. Tracey S Anderson

    This sounds great i will certainly be purchasing 🙂 Thank you for the review 🙂 X x

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Been looking more in depth at nutritious values of cereals and food in general
    I too was shocked
    I’ve gone back to porridge with raisons and strawberries
    These sound good too
    Never shopped at OCADO

  5. Martina Evans

    These sound great, I would love to have a bowl!

  6. ross harrison

    pure amazing taste

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