Just One – The Thinking Word Game!

Just One – Word Game

We have loved being apart of the the Blogger’s Board Game Club. Their is so many great games so we really are spoiled for choice. You can read about our previous game Choose Your Own House Of Danger here.
The game we have got our hands on this time is called Just One.
Just One by Asmodee Review by Family Clan 5
Firstly a very simple game to play. When opening the box you are greeted with a large pack of cards, four stands and rule / instruction book and dry wipe markers.
Just One by Asmodee Review by Family Clan 5
The game is very well presented and the box isn’t bulky or heavy. Just One is a very clever but very simple word game to play. Dry eraser pens uncapped and we were all excited for some fun! No wasted space or packaging in the box, we really liked that.

How to play Just One

Just One is a game played best with 3 or more players. We had four players so started as two teams of two.
Starting with 13 cards and displayed on the cards are 5 words.
The aim is to try and score 13 points, so along with the 13 cards you are playing with, they are also your score pile.
The opposing team gives you clues of the word you have to guess. Sounds easy I know but they are only allowed to write one ‘clue word’.
Just One is a cooperative party game in which you play together to find the best clue to help your teammate but you have to be unique and think a little outside of the box because if any identical clues are given then they will be cancelled out.
Just One by Asmodee Review by Family Clan 5

On a player’s turn they take one of the cards without looking at it, and place it on their plastic easel facing the other players. Only they other players can read the 5 words written on the card. The player will then give a number between 1-5 and that will be the word used this round.

Now that the remaining players know the word i.e. Fairy we then needed to write on our easel with one word that the player will guess that is on their card. So between the remaining three players we wrote ‘Tooth, Wings, Flying’.

If the player’s then confer and realise that two of them wrote Wings, then these two players will cancel each other out and the last clue i.e. Flying will be the only clue the main player has to guess.

If the main player of this round guesses correctly then they win a point and get to keep the card. If they get it wrong the word card needs put back into the box and also you need to take the top card from the deck of cards and put that also in the box which means you lose two points for your team.

In the photograph above Grandad Al had chosen the second word down on this card “Prom”. One of the clues we wrote was Seafront, another was Dance. He guessed correctly.

We played it as your first guess was taken as your answer. Some words where harder to get a one word clue for than others.

Our Thoughts

Just One is an excellent game and fun to play it can sometimes take a bit of thinking because you are only allowed to write the one word. But even still it’s a game easy to play and could even be played with children.
Best suited age 8+ and 3-7 players, definitely will be a great party game with many players.
Only one thing to note is how you win maybe a scoreboard would be a good idea based on a points per correct word or amount of time it took to guess the word basis. We chose to use pen and paper and worked fine for us. This way it was easier to see who was in the lead overall
We really enjoyed this game and it is in our favourites pile. It’s been out a few times already. We’ve even had a play with Olivia who is 6 years old. We did choose the easier words for her, but she enjoyed playing along and some of her words for us to guess where ermm ‘interesting’! But once she explained them they made perfect sense!
You can purchase Just One from Amazon for £17.99 or from any good toy or games retailer.
Daddy T and Mummy M.

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4 Thoughts to “Just One – The Thinking Word Game!”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    That sounds really good; straightforward and lots of fun.

  2. debbieskerten

    Sounds good. I like a game that challenges the mind.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds great fun – new one for us to try out

  4. James Travis

    Looks a good game

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