Jungle Speed Party Game Review


Jungle Speed by Asmodee review by Family Clan 3

In Jungle Speed it’s survival of the quickest: who’s got the fastest brain and the quickest reflexes. It’s tense, it’s manic and it’s a bucketful of laughs. Match and snatch to get rid of your cards, but be careful, all is not as it first appears in the jungle!

Contents of the Jungle Speed box

1 Cloth Bag,
70 Cards,
1 Totem,
1 Rule Book

Asmodee’s Jungle Speed is a game for 2 to 10 players from Tom & Yako, the whole aim of the game is to be the first player to get rid of their cards.

Starting Jungle Speed

To start I dealt the 70 cards, face-down between the players. There was myself, Jake and Grace playing. Each card has symbols on, the aim is to try and find a match with another player.

Jungle Speed by Asmodee review by Family Clan
Example of cards within the deck

We placed the Totem in the centre of play and now we were ready to start!

Play rotates clockwise, so now what we needed to do was all turn over our top card when it was our turn, placing it face up for all to see.

Each flipping over a card that is on top of their deck and rotating play. What we are waiting for is two players turning over the same symbol (colour is of no importance) once they have the same card, this now triggers a ‘Duel.’


The first of the two players to grab the Totem wins the duel. The other players can not take part in the Duel. Now the defeated player takes their opponents discard pile, theirs, and the pot. Now having these cards at the bottom of their deck.

The new round begins with the defeated player starting.

There are Special Cards which change the course of Duels,

Jungle Speed by Asmodee review by Family Clan

With the arrows pointing inwards all players must try to grab the Totem. The player who grabs it first places their discard pile in the pot.

When you see the arrows pointing outwards all players flip their top card simultaneously. A Duel is triggered when two or more cards have matching symbols.

How to win

When a player flips their last card over it stays in play while the other players keep playing. That player is declared winner after getting rid of their discard pile.

There are additional ways that can be played for three-player variant and two-player variant which can lead to using two hands controlling 2 decks, which can get quite tricky if you are using your opposite hand to your normal, as trying to grasp the Totem in a duel with your opposite hand can be quite tricky! Within a standard game you normally only allowed to play with one hand.

Jungle Speed by Asmodee review by Family Clan 3

Jungle Speed is suited for age 7 and over and Grace and Jake did enjoy this, seeing how quick reacting they were was quite a surprise, although we did have many attempted grabs with cards looking quite similar, which is a great part of the game as it tricks you!

In a standard game if you accidentally take the totem in error you have to take the discard piles from all players! I didn’t use this rule with my children as there would be many huffs, but this would be a great addition to the older players.

Our thoughts

With a standard game lasting approximately 15 minutes, it is a great family game night choice where you can hold multiple games and tally up a final winner. I could even see this game working perfectly for summer holidays with the older children, as Jake is 8 and really concentrated in this game.

With the game being quick reaction based, I would like to add that a more solid Totem would be fitting as it is just hollow plastic which will over time get dented.

Jungle Speed is easy to learn and play, making the fast-paced, dexterity-based gameplay perfect to provide hours of entertainment for any group. Whether you’re playing with a larger gaming groups, your family, or at a party, Jungle Speed can be a hit at any gathering.

You can find Jungle Speed on the Amazon Website.

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  1. nadiashanahan

    This looks like so much fun! I love playing games with my family, although my sister is a very bad loser!

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    Looks and sounds like a fabulous game for all the family to play

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    Looks great fun. I love to see family board games instead of computer games.

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    Looks fun for older children and family nights in.

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    Fun for all the family and a great way to limit screen time without protests!

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