GIVEAWAY: Join Gymnastics Book Review

Join Gymnastics Book Review

As you know Olivia loves doing her gymnastics and has just gained her Stage 7 and 6 badges and certificates, so when we was asked to review the book Join Gymnastics by author Gemma Coles, we knew who would be doing the review.

The book revolves around the characters Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack, as well as the gymnastic teacher.

She read the book with Daddy T – here is their review of the book.

Olivia liked the story and it particular relates to her as she doesn’t like new things not always straight away. So she understood the story well.

She liked the two central characters Jumping Jack and Bendy Wendy. And whilst she was reading / being read the story she was commenting ‘I do that’ or ‘I’m learning to do that at gymnastics.’

The only comment I have to make is that on some pages it is a bit disjointed who talks first whether it is the gymnastics teacher, Bendy Wendy or Jumping Jack.

Join Gymnastics Gemma Cole Book Review Family Clan

Olivia liked the story and I particular liked the illustrations of the different activities and characters.

Join Gymnastics, is inspired by real life class experiences to which we can all relate. Two young, apprehensive gymnasts step foot into what would appear to be a daunting new experience. Their first gymnastic lessson, only to find that all is not as overwhelming as it would first appear. In no time at all Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack make new friendships, gain confidence and learn new skills. Leaving them excited to return again next time!

You can purchase the book from Amazon and all good book stores.

Daddy T and Olivia


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40 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Join Gymnastics Book Review”

  1. Sharon Freemantle

    Ava does gymnastics so would really enjoy this book

  2. Cassandra D

    I really like watching the gymnastic floor routines the most. I enjoy the choreography and the way the gymnast uses expression through their body that flows through the routine.

  3. kim d

    I love watching the beam. The balance and elegance are superb.

  4. liosach

    I love watching the gymnastics floor routines, both men and women

  5. Diana

    I like watching beam gymnastics, looks so focused and always impressive 🙂

  6. claire little

    the floorwork, so many fantastic moves I love to watch it

  7. Sophia Tennant Hosein

    I like the beam, it takes so much precision and focus ?

  8. purabeautyblogger

    I love the floor work. My daughters love all the ribbon work. So elegant and pretty. It is amazing the punishment they put their bodied through to achieve perfection. My kids are quite happy vaulting around on my bed, even if my mattress is not quite so happy

  9. Jenny Rogers

    I like watching the beam exercises. I once had a go on a training beam which was only about one foot off the ground and it was very difficult to balance, and move. I admire the gymnasts who leap and tumble along that four inch wide piece of wood!

  10. Amie Richards

    My daughter does gymnastics and she loves it! My son goes as well and they’re both getting really good!

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