Jensen’s Third Haircut!!


Jensen has his Hair Cut Again!

Can you believe, Jensen is 6 months old on Saturday and he is onto his third! yes THIRD hair cut already.

He has done so well and sat lovely on all three haircuts without a cry or a moan, but loved to look for the noise of the shears. Jensen kept smiling at the barber when he was making noises, fulling faces and playing hidy-boo .

Jensens Third New Haircut Family Clan

Doesn’t he look cute?!

I do really really miss his long hair, and cried inside when he had his first haircut ha ha but it was a true pain to style it in the morning when it didn’t get dried properly on the night. I have never seen a baby with so much hair and I am useless at styling so it had to do 🙁

Jensen Logan Third New Haircut Family Clan

This haircut was a special haircut. Both my boys got their hair done Wednesday ready for them when they got their photographs taken together on Thursday at Logan’s school.

I know I am biased but they are very handsome boys, don’t you agree?!

Mummy E

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8 Thoughts to “Jensen’s Third Haircut!!”

  1. hwood83

    Awww he looks so cute, my Son loves having his hair done .

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    Aw, how lovely! It’s so great that he enjoyed having it done, too.

  3. Rosemary Tily

    What a handsome pair. A lovely family! My little grandson at two months has hair only at the back and sides but none on top!

    1. Mummy E

      Aw thank you very much.
      ahh really? how cute! -Logan only had very fine blonde hair when he was born so it looked like he never had any

  4. Susan B

    Oh, yes. I do agree! A couple of gorgeous boys – and very smart haircuts, too.

    1. Mummy E

      Thank you Susan, they’re my pride and joy for sure xx

  5. Samantha O'D

    The are both very handsome :). My 7 month old daughter is still bald, her 2 older sisters didn’t have any hair until they were 2

    1. Mummy E

      thank you! its strange isn’t it how some are born with none and some are born with Loads. it was such a shock when he arrived

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