Jensen is 11 months old

Jensen is 11 months by Family Clan

Hello, from me and Jensen,WOW. Jensen Cole is now 11 months! WHAT! I’m literally crying right now at the fact my teeny 6lb 2 1/2oz baby is a month away from his FIRST birthday!

I know I say “I cant believe how big he’s getting” on every post,  that’s because I can’t. They really don’t stay babies very long.

This month is different, a very emotional month, we actually have to go out and search for birthday things ready for Jensen’s FIRST birthday. I don’t know where to start.

His birthday plan is a family favourite, a BBQ. Just a small family get together to celebrate my babies birthday. Fingers crossed the sun is shining!

His development

Jensen is so funny these days. Hes getting such a character now, he likes playing hidey-boo behind anything he can pick up.
He is as fast as lightening up the stairs now so the safety gates are out in force to stop our little monkey climbing. He loves bath time, me standing behind him, obviously, we open the gate and he follows Logan up the stairs.
To make it an even more emotional post, Jensen is starting to stand on his own for a few seconds.  It’ll not be long before hes standing for longer.
Jensen is 11 months by Family Clan
Hes soaring above his age of development for 11 months and the health visitor is extremely happy with his development.
Look at this silly face he has started doing..
Jensen is 11 months by Family Clan
Hes super cheeky!Hes started sleeping through again, woohoo! 7.30pm-7.45am. I actually feel like a new woman.

He is also using and showing off his new skills with his walker, hes getting far to big!

I’ve enjoyed being a stay at home Mammy. Loved watching Jensen play, discover and learn, its the most rewarding and magical feeling in the world. I’m super blessed to have two amazing boys. However, I feel I can better myself and my family and find a brand new job, starting fresh! Getting back into what I loved to do and that’s working within schools. I’ve recently started looking and signed up to a couple of agencies, I’m just waiting to hear back from them.

Mammy H is brilliant and said she will have Jensen for me while I get back into work, if possible depending on times/shifts.
Jensen is 11 months by Family Clan
Jensen dotes on Logan and Logan to Jensen.

I’ve loved watching their love for one another blossom.

Lovely catching up, I look forward to reading your comments .

All my love

Mammy E
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3 Thoughts to “Jensen is 11 months old”

  1. debbieskerten

    He’s such a cutie and I love his front teeth. My Granddaughter is 10 months. Where does time go? It is so much fun watching them develop and grow.

  2. kayleigh watkins

    Oh wow!! He is comjng along lovely, can’t believe he is 11 months already, your right they really do grow up to quick, my youngest was 2 last month, they arent babies for long enough xxx

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Gosh! That’s gone so quick – beautiful photos especially of Logan and Jensen

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