Jensen has three new teeth

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are well?!

I’m still in utter shock that baby Jensen is nine months old! My teeny tiny baby is nine months May I’m sure will be here before I know it to celebrate his 1st birthday.


So a little update!

Jensen can now climb up on anything and everything. He can also walk across furniture and the units so we’ve had to move all of our ornaments as hes already smashed two!

We also have a walker for him and he is beginning to lift his legs and push it which means hes starting to walk with that too. This makes me very sad!


We have THREE teeth

Yes, finally we have teeth plus another coming through. Hes been in so much pain poor baby, ice pops and lollies have been a big help.
It’s getting “better” with each tooth, I can now tell by the night we have if there will be a tooth in the morning.
I feel so sorry for teething baby/kids, I was in so much pain getting a tooth removed.


He is still really enjoying “real” food and will not refuse any – if you haven’t read our Sunday Snap yet. Hes our little hoover!

However its very hard to get anything else apart from a sandwich into Logan. Any suggestions?  Hes gone off food which he use to love.


He still adores his big brother Logan !

Lots of love.

Emma x

4 Thoughts to “Jensen has three new teeth”

  1. sandy lynn ralph

    aw bless, great photos, our baby grandson is teething too and has 2 at the moment

  2. ashleigh allan

    Great photos – I always feel really sorry for babies teething too 🙁

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Love following your journey – seems like two minutes ago since Jensen was born

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    What beautiful photos. He certainly love showing off his pearly whites

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