Jensen Cole is FOUR months old

Where has time gone?

I know I say it all of the time but wow, Jensen is four months, when did this happen?

So much has happened since our last time we did an update. Here is whats new.

Our bounding baby boy is now 4 month old, we can not believe it, theses months are going far to quickly. He is getting super big now and weighs 12lb 9oz.

Jensen has started to smile loads more and even smiles at people when they speak to him when we are out and about.

He has become more active around his big brother Logan and they love playing together now, he especially loves it when Logan makes cow and pig noises. He think he is hilarious! Hes getting such a character. I think Jensen has started to realise that Logan is not here during the day with going to school so when he comes home, Jensen’s little face lights up with excitement and begins to kick and moves his arms.

Jensen has started to use his hand-eye coordination to reach up and grab his toys, opening and closing his hands to explore.  He loves to explore new textures, and we try to introduce a different toy with different sound/textures everyday and he likes to bring them to his mouth.

Jensen is getting more used to tummy time depending on his mood! He has even began to roll from his back to onto his tummy and back again. Hes coming on brilliantly.

He loves the mirror – just like his mammy (haha!). He babbles and smiles at himself, although they do say a baby cant really understand that it’s them in the mirror until aver a year old.

When he was three months, we started to give him a tiny bit of rusk before bed, which he loves! Now hes four months we have started to give him some home made dinner  again they do say no food until at least 6 month but he was so ready and absolutely loves it.

Thanks for reading.

Mammy E and Jensen

3 Thoughts to “Jensen Cole is FOUR months old”

  1. James Travis

    Lovely pics

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Gorgeous pics – time certainly does fly
    Sometimes you just have to go with your instinct – a hungry baby is no fun – don’t know many mums that held out to 6 months to wean

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    What a lovely happy little face. Love the matching tops

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