Jenny Wren Chocolates – Luxurious Belgian Assortment

Jenny Wren cutest box of chocolate review by Family Clan

Jenny Wren – The Cutest of Chocolate Boxes…

Perfect for Mother’s day or Easter, Jenny Wren’s unique three-layered chocolate folding box is the cutest one out there!

The Jenny Wren chocolates box features 12 delicious hand-finished Belgian chocolates and truffles. There are four each of milk, dark and white chocolate – including Fleur de Sel caramel, raspberry yoghurt and white mocha.

Who are Jenny Wren Chocolates?

Jenny Wren was set up in July 2016 by Mike Stainfield from Tunbridge Wells. He said: “We make the only chocolate gift boxes that you can buy for under £10 and still get a ‘wow!’ from the recipient! Children also love the boxes once they’re emptied – for putting small keepsakes, toys and jewellery in!”

Jenny Wren cutest box of chocolate review by Family Clan

Each layer folds out displaying 12 luxurious Belgian chocolates upon three levels. The first layer is milk chocolate, second layer white chocolate and third layer dark chocolate.

I am a big chocolate lover, so of course I was keen to try these luxurious chocolates to see how they compare on the market to other major sellers. All I can say is WOW! The Jenny Wren chocolates are extremely yummy and such a treat.  I would describe the chocolates as luxurious and elegant, each one was as nice as the next and there wasn’t one bad one! My favourite has got to be the white chocolate mocha, it was suited to me perfectly and tasted so good. In close second was the raspberry yoghurt, that just oozed with flavor. There was also a lovely coconut chocolate which I would describe alike to a Bounty, but this was a smooth chocolate with soft coconut flavored centre with no bits.

Jenny Wren cutest box of chocolate review by Family Clan

The Jenny Wren chocolates would compliment well with a glass of bubbly.

My children Grace and Jake have since used this box to store their mini trains and princess hand held figures within.  

Jenny Wren cutest box of chocolate review by Family Clan

One thing I would like to say about these chocolates, if you are not a nut lover, these are for you! I do love a good box of chocolates every once in a while and always end up leaving some due to nuts! (the combination of nuts and chocolates is just terrible in my opinion!) So this box, you only have one with a nut, I removed the nut from the top, and the rest of the chocolate was enjoyable, yes this one was nut flavored but a smooth texture with no pieces and it was the only one in the box so you are free to enjoy the rest, and enjoy I did, but I did share!

Jenny Wren cutest box of chocolate review by Family Clan

Sainsbury’s are stocking these Jenny Wren chocolates 169g box nationally at a special price of £6.49 RRP £7.99. They are a great price, and definitely gave me the wow effect when I opened them.

You can view more of the ranges on the Jenny Wren website here.

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4 Thoughts to “Jenny Wren Chocolates – Luxurious Belgian Assortment”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Can certainly recommend these – they taste DELICIOUS and the box they come in can be reused too

  2. Rosie

    These are so nice, the first time I’ve heard of them.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Havent had the pleasure of trying these – look DELIGHTFUL

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    Yum these look lovely. The coconut one sounds great

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