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Jenny Ford books review by Family Clan

Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books

Jenny Ford is an author who has created two magical mythical books for children aged 5+ to help encourage their imagination and creativity.

Grace seen these and loved the look of them both straight away.

Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books Review by Family Clan

What I like about these books, is that they have lots of pages, so there is plenty of story, but the writing is bigger.

What I have found in the past with Jake, as when he sees a book with lots of writing on one page he backs away and doesn’t like to read it.

With the bigger text he doesn’t mind.  I guess it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books Review by Family Clan

The Jenny Ford pictures in the book have been left so that the reader can colour them in. There are also extra blank pages at the back of the book so that they can write their own ending or take the characters on an extended journey.

More about the Jenny Ford books

Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books Review by Family Clan

Tilly and the Magical Mermaid

Tilly is at her happiest when she is at the beach looking for different kinds of shells and pebbles.

She also has a great imagination, as she discovers when she meets the Magical Mermaid whilst out fishing with her grandpa.

But is it her imagination, or is it real?

Available on Amazon

Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books Review by Family Clan

Joshua and the Magical Unicorn

Joshua just loves unicorns! He has unicorn books, unicorn toys, unicorn ornaments; he even dreams of unicorns! Then one day, as Joshua is reading one of his books, he drifts off into a day dream.

What happens next surprises Joshua. He can’t believe his eyes when he finds one of the unicorns from his book standing at the foot of his bed; a beautiful unicorn called Poppy.

Excited to tell his best friend Lucia, who also loves unicorns, they both use their imagination and go off on a magical adventure together.

These story and colouring books have been created to capture the imagination of all young readers. The art works is lovely.

They are both available from the Amazon website.

Our Thoughts

Both these Jenny Ford books; Tilly and the Magical Mermaid and Joshua and the Magical Unicorn are also available in dyslexia friendly versions all they all retail at £7.99.

I’m so glad that they do dyslexia friendly books as dyslexia runs through the family and we are yet to test Grace, but we have had Jake tested in the past so these books would have been great.

I love the illustrations by Caroline Evans, she has done them to fit the reading age perfectly.

Mummy H


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Mandatory question is “Are you a mermaid or a  unicorn fan and why?”
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118 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Jenny Ford Magical Mythical Books”

  1. Kim M

    Mermaids – used to love drawing them when I was little with different colour scales on their tails x

  2. Susan Willshee

    I’m a unicorn fan. I love the whole ‘rainbows and sparkles’ aura they have

  3. SianiD

    Unicorn, and have been for a long time. My first tattoo was of a uni, and that was over 30 years ago, before they became trendy

  4. Emily Hutchinson

    Unicorn, not having legs is just weird

  5. Hekna

    I’d say I’m more mermaid because I love the colours associated with them

  6. Candyfloss

    I’d have to say unicorns, because seeing anything go underwater makes me a bit uneasy!

  7. Samantha O'D

    Yes my girls love all things unicorn and mermaid

  8. Julia Kerr

    Mermaids, because there is no definite way of saying that there is 100% certainty that they don’t exist

  9. Rachael Sexey

    I love Mermaids and always have since I watched the little mermaid as a little girl. I absolutely loved Ariel ❤

  10. Kelly Simpson

    I fell in love with mermaids ever since I watched the Disney film the little mermaid when I was a little girl.

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