Jakes Get His Bronze Reading Award

Jake Gets Bronze Award

So proud of Jake he got a new bronze certificate award from school on Friday for reading 50 books. That is just in school, he also reads at home too.  He had to go up in school assembly to receive it from his Headmistress.

Jake 50 Reading Book Award Family Clan Blog

Remember he’s only 5 so this is a big achievement for him. He loves reading which we are very glad off as there is nothing better than going off into the imaginary world of a book.  Mummy H can’t wait to read the Harry Potter books with Jake & Grace.

Very , very proud of you Jake love Nanna & Granddad

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11 Thoughts to “Jakes Get His Bronze Reading Award”

  1. Maya Russell

    That’s a great achievement! He’s sure to get a silver award this year.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      He’s working towards it Maya, so proud of him. x Jane

  2. Jayne Townson

    Lovely photo, very well done Jake you’ve done amazing reading all those books.

  3. Debbie Skerten

    Wow way to go Jake. That’s fabulous. My mum encouraged me to read and I did the same with my daughter.

  4. Katie McGinley

    Well done Jake!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thank you Katie.

  5. Pam Francis Gregory

    Brilliant achievement! well done Jake!

  6. RachelSwirl

    Well done!!!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thank you Rachel, so very proud of him.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Well done to Jake
    Really big achievement for 5

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thank you. So proud of him. I think reading a good book is one of the best pleasures in a lifetime. He’s helping read the bedtime story now too. Jane x

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