Interactive Teenie Tiny Toes Doll

Teenie Tiny Toes – The Tiny Interactive Doll

Teenie Tiny Toes are new interactive dolls that are tiny enough to fit into the palm of a hand from Flair Plc.

Tiny Toes by Flair review by Family Clan

Ready… steady… Tickle!

Each interactive Teenie Tiny Toes doll has seven sensors that react to touch, motion or light; kids can tickle their tiny toes to bring them to life. They love to sing, giggle, play games and so much more!

Grace could’t wait to meet her new Teenie Tiny Toes friends.

Tiny Toes by Flair review by Family Clan

Meet Tickle Tess and Laughin’ Luna, they have found a lovely home with Grace.

How your new Teenie Tiny Toes works?

The Teenie Tiny Toes dolls measure a tiny 11cm from head to toe, perfectly fitting in the palm of your hand.

Each doll includes 7 sensors and reacts to touch, motion and light. i.e. if you tickle her feet she will laugh.

You need to interact with them to bring play to life but watch out, tickle them in the wrong place and you’ll get funny responses.

Grace finds these really funny, as when she removed ‘Ticklish Tess’ from her box, the first thing she did was burp at us!

The dolls react really well to their sensors and react almost instantly when being played with.

Tiny Toes by Flair review by Family Clan

The sensors on the doll are on its back, cheeks, tummy and toes with also a light sensor on its hat so your interactive doll can respond to the light and dark.

Rock your Teenie Tiny Toes to sleep by cradling in yours hands, you can also play peek-a-boo by covering your doll’s eyes!

There are 3 Teenie Tiny Toes you can collect, Ticklish Tess, Gigglin’ Gabby and Laughin’ Luna.

We just love the look of the dolls, and Grace was incredibly happy that Laughin’ Luna was wearing a unicorn hat!

Our thoughts

Grace has loved these two dolls, she likes to mother them and look after them.

Baby Jensen came to visit during the week and he also took an interest in these. Mummy E kept sitting the dolls up, and Jensen would knock them down.

Each time the Teenie Tiny Toes fell, Jensen would give a reaction of ‘oh oh‘ but after a while this turned into a game and he started laughing as the dolls reacted to him.

Tiny Toes by Flair review by Family Clan

I think these dolls would also be great for holiday or long journeys because they are hand-held size so will fit in my coat pocket easily.

They are aimed at children aged 4+ RRP £14.99 each and can be found on Argos.

Mummy H & Grace

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  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These look great; suitable for a range of ages, and with lots of features to help keep the kids entertained.

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