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Inflata Nation

Jumping & Bouncing Fun

Arena packed with giant inflatables and awesome activities 

We had the chance recently to visit Inflata Nation in Newcastle recently, and wow, what can we say.

Inflata Nation is a packed, super bouncy inflatable theme park with exciting inflatable activities, the whole family are sure to have an amazing time. With 20,000 square feet of exciting inflatable activities the fun will go on and on.

I showed Grace and Jake the website showing a few videos of what Inflata Nation was like before we travelled, the excitement in their faces was un-real. They really couldn’t wait to go and enjoy the fun to be had.

We came along with Mummy E, Daddy S and Logan to enjoy a family fun filled day.

As we don’t drive we took public transport over and found it just a 10 minute walk from the nearest Metro station Percy Main. Upon arriving the kids seen Inflata Nation from the outside and said it was like a giant air bubble.

We went inside and signed up for our session at 3pm. Orange wristbands were given to assign our period.

We sat upstairs in the cafe area where we had a good view of the inflatable theme park.

The cafe area was reasonably priced, so we all had a drink whilst waiting.

Before we were able to bounce we all had to watch precautionary video of how to bounce safely.

Socks on and off we go!

There are many different activities within the building so we couldn’t wait to bounce on and have some fun!

First thing we all did was dive right into the Inflata Duo ball pool, this is a must for all ages, right?!

The ball pool also had Duo Slides so you can race your friend/sibling/parent up on either side and race down to crash land into the ball pool.

This is so much fun, and super slidey, fun for all to be had in this activity. This was a part we all kept coming back to.

Inflata Bubbles is just like bouncing on giant bubbles, all different sizes, some bigger than others. Like a pillow of soft bounciness, these inflatable pockets of oomph will help you soar high into the air!  It’s a great activity for those new to bouncing.

Inflata Race – If you’re competitive, then you will love dashing around the inflatable assault course, leaping over and ducking under obstacles on your way round.  Is it about finding the quickest way or the more fun way… you decide! Grace particularly loved diving through ‘the ring of fire’.

Inflata Giant Drop – This awesome slide is great for thrill seekers of all ages. Start by climbing up the inflatable steps and then simply zoom down their longest and biggest drop slide yet.  Climb, slide and repeat over and over again!

The slides are a range of bumpy or straight.

They offer some serious sliding and super speed! Everyone loved these and kept having turns, meeting at the top and racing to see who would reach the bottom first.

Inflata Tots – This is an exclusive area just for the youngest bouncers. There are no big people to get in your way. The Under 4 zone has its own slide, ball pool, obstacles to climb on and of course lots of bouncy fun!

Inflata Bash – Air-filled pillars are a great place to surprise a friend, but be warned they bounce back! no matter how clever you think you are storming through them, they do get you back, many of times my glasses went flying!

Inflata Wreck – Do you have the balance and strength to stay standing whilst battling your opponent?

Getting prepared and keeping balance.

Helmets at the ready. 3.. 2…1… BATTLE! … Last person standing wins!

Inflata Balls – A fun challenge for all bounce enthusiasts are the giant inflatable balls, can you leap across them and reach the end without stopping or falling off?

Jake definitely gave his best attempt and got all the way across, where the height was high enough for me so I chickened out.

So much excitement, and as you can see we really have had the most amazing of times.

The ball pool was visited over and over again, we enjoyed racing down and ‘splashing’ into the balls.

Although the sessions are an hour long (additional half an hour can be purchased upon booking), I was thinking that it would feel like we was arriving, then having to leave.

This definitely wasn’t the case. If you could’ve asked me I felt that we were in for two hours. ALL of us that attended said that the hour felt more like two. Which is great value for money.

The fun went on and on, the area wasn’t crowded everyone had their own space and all activities were being used equally.

What I would like to add is that the whole area is very clean, even when we came off, our socks still remained clean (which alike softplay centre they are normally grubby).

The staff were very friendly, and even joining in amongst the fun which I thought was a great addition as both kids wanting my full attention and both wanting to go into separate areas, Jake took a likening to a male member of staff who wasn’t afraid to get in amongst the fun and chuck him into the soft obstacles. Jake gave back as much as he was given!

I do find over time in soft play centres that some of the areas seem to have an ‘over used’ look and feel on some parts. Not here all the climbing ‘steps’ were good as new, all high quality and I really couldn’t fault this place at all.

I was very pleased with our visit as you can very well see by our pictures, there is fun to be had by all ages. Find out more on the Inflata Nation website about venues near you.

Mummy H


Inflata Nation have venues throughout the UK.







Each location having their own different layout, each as good as the next.

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  1. melody cross

    Love the log flumes

  2. Hannah Smalley

    My 5yo likes the traditional fairground rides, the 9yo is starting to brave the rollercoasters but the 4D cinemas are a hit with all of us!

  3. Laura F

    I like water parks and picnics.

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    Our family loves the rollercoasters

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    At a theme park I love the water slides.

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    We have a real mix. My eldest is a thrill seeker but I am more of a sit and watch these days. So we like somewhere that has a mix of rides

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    I love thrill rides – so I’ll always be on the coasters or anything to do with adrenaline!

  8. Hayley Colburn

    I just mainly enjoy watching the kids having fun, I’m not much of a rides peson as I’ve randomly became terrified of heights in my old age but even then I must admit I can’t resisit a cool off at the end of the day on the log flume

  9. Nicola Dow

    The big log flume rides like the Val hala at blackpool pleasure beach.

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