InfaCare Ultra Mild Baby Bath Review

InfaCare Ultra Mild Baby Bath

InfaCare ultra mild baby bath does more than just clean gently,it helps care for your baby’s skin too
clinical testing proves that InfaCare is gentle on sensitive skin and specially formulated not to irritate.

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The ultra mild formulation gently cleans the skin and is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to dry and sensitive skin

Dermatological and pH balanced, InfaCare is mild enough for babies from 1 month.

I have received ‘Infacare Baby Bath ultra mild’ to review, as soon as I flipped the cap up the instant ‘baby smell’ was there! (I might just have to buy this to keep reminding of that smell now my babies are growing up.)

It comes in a 400ml bottle, which is a brilliant size as my children have a bath every night and with this is size it’s guaranteed to last months.
Directions on the bottle say add one small squeeze under clean running water although I add a little bit more as Jake and Grace do like a very bubbly bath. When the bath was run, it made the whole of upstairs smell beautiful.
I had noticed recently that Grace was starting to get dry patches of skin on her back, since using this it has improved a lot. So I will be repurchasing it once this review bottle has gone.

I’ve even tried it in a sneaky bath for myself and my skin felt soft & lovely when I came out. Better not let Jake and Grace know I have used their “bubbles bath” as Grace calls it.

You will find InfaCare Ultra Mild Baby Bath in most supermarkets, chemists, health and beauty retailers. I recommend this product.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “InfaCare Ultra Mild Baby Bath Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I love these products and I regularly use them on my skin too leaves it so soft

  2. Samantha O'D

    sounds great, my girls are very sensitive to many products

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