Impulse Body Mists

Impulse Body Mists

Impulse Body Mists

Iconic Impulse Body Mists collection has a whole new look that is sure to spritz up your body mist game!

Featuring standout bottle designs to complement each unique fragrance combination. The newly designed Body Mists will give you the confidence to trust your impulse one spritz at a time.

So whether you are in the mood to take on the world or chill out in style, Impulse offers scent-sational fragrance combinations paired with stand out bottle designs that will help you boss the day.

With mist mash-up as unique as you are, each spritz will give you a spring in your step, and a confidence boost to be who and what you want to be.

What will be your favourite Impulse Body Mist?

Combining scent-sational fragrances with standout bottle designs, the bold new look bottles embody the unique scents to perfectly showcase the unexpected fragrance combinations.

Sweet Caramel + Electric Blossom

Electrify your style with these two scents wrapped in a beautiful metallic floral design placed against a bright blue bottle. It is the finishing touch to any ensemble, offering an intoxicating fragrance with sweet caramel, vanilla and peach blossom. The freshness of peach blossom clashes against sparkling lemonade. Dust it off with some sweet caramel and you’re engulfed in a gorgeous layered fragrance of sweetened floral fruitiness.

Fizzy Apple + Festive Fields

Discover the summer scent of freedom and extravagance. A blend of crispy apples clashing with fresh freesia and a hint of vanilla creates the perfect festival scent. This Body Mist will leave you smelling fresh and looking confident, offering a unique fragrance packed in a sparkling festival green bottle with shimmering multi coloured designs.

Tropical Beach + Espresso 

 Summer in a bottle? We’re in! This newly designed Impulse Body Mist features bright gold and green palm leaves that shout summer. Tan lines fade but with this mist the scent of summer haze can linger for longer. A breezy fragrance mashup with coconut and bold espresso, mixed with raspberry and apple to get you into a tropical twist, Relax as the scent of orange flowers, dry amber and patchouli blend together, then feel energised with a shot of coffee.

Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket

 The soft gooey scent marshmallows melted against rich, earthy aroma of a well loved leather jacket, the mist combines into a fragrance you wish you’d discovered sooner. A cosy scent with spicy pink pepper, gooey marshmallow design offering the perfect pop of pink in your handbag. Layer up with lily of the valley and lotus, then mash it up with coconut milk and musk. Embrace your cool,edgy side and release your inner rockstar.

Purple Petals + Smoky Sky

Embrace the two extremes, as the smoky purple haze pulls you in with this beautiful mist. Dive deeper into the scent-sational fragrance combination of jasmine and white gardenia blended with a hint of fresh nectarine. Featuring a new statement design with falling petals printed against a bright bold purple bottle, the Impulse Body Mist offer citrus notes of mandarin clashing against the sweet and spicy scent of sandalwood, patchouli and pineapple – creating a misty medley.

Our Thoughts

There is such a good collection and I find it hard to choose a favourite. Do you have the confidence to go on a journey of self-discovery?

I am a big coffee lover so have warmed to the Tropical Beach + Espresso, you can view the range on the Superdrug Website. Special offer spotted on the Impulse Body Mists online, they are currently on at buy 1 get 1 free. (correct at the time of posting)

Available in Boots and Superdrug nationwide with an RRP of £6.00 for 150ml.

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Mummy H

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7 Thoughts to “Impulse Body Mists”

  1. Laura Wheatley

    ooh I really like the sound of these some different smells to the usual

  2. debbieskerten

    I like the sound of the Purple Petals + Smoky Sky. The combination of scents sound wonderful. When I’m next in Superdrug, I’ll be checking it out.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so cute – will make great gifts for FAMILY and griefriends nds

  4. Susan B

    Attractive bottles and memorable names. I love exploring new fragrances and am intrigued by the Tropical Beach + Espresso.

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    I really like the sound of all of these, especially Fizzy Apple + Festive Fields and Purple Petals + Smoky Sky.

  6. Chloe Taylor

    These scents are amazing – very different! Loving the designs on each bottle too. Impulse has always been a staple fragrance

  7. Kim Carberry

    Ohh! I love the sound of these. The scents sound so interesting.
    I use the Impulse body spray but haven’t tried the mist before.

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