HugARmals and Cuddles with Mardles

HugARmals by Mardles

Two amazing new HugARmals friends who come to life with Mardles!

Mardles Dragon and Unicorn Due Image

Choose from either the friendly hugARmals fire-breathing dragon or the sparkly unicorn and bring them both to life using the FREE Mardles Augmented Reality app!

The Augmented Reality app brings playtime to life using and seeing your magical 4D interactive HugARmal dragon on screen and Grace really loves it!


By scanning the special button on your new friends foot and you then watch in wonder as your new buddy joins you on your adventures in the Argumented Reality world.

On the app you can explore a range of different activities. To start we needed to download the free app then we can start straight away.

By placing the dragon on the floor, we then scanned his foot to acknowledge our new friend, then a star would appear on our screen.

By clicking the star, this then activates our friend to life!

Hello Little HugARmals Dragon

Our dragon, is a girl says Grace, so once we scanned her foot, she came to life and gave us a little wave on the screen!

Using the on screen tools we could then play with our HugARmals mythological creature.

We enjoyed changing the colours of our dragon, I love how she is really highly detailed and still sparkles on the app as well as in person.

You can also feed your HugARmal and enjoy an energetic dance routine with your new best friend.

Hugarmals review by Family Clan

A the end of a long day playing you can also tuck them into bed so they’re ready for more fun the next day!

HugARmals review by Family Clan

On the app you can capture and share all their magical memories using the photo mode. Which I have used for my photos above so you can see just what it is like, but on your phone screen you are also presented with your choice of activities and also arrows so you can navigate your buddy on the screen.

Mardles logo

The FREE Mardles app is available from the App Store, Google Play  There’s no registration, no data capture and no in-app purchases. Once installed, you don’t even need Wi-Fi or mobile connection to enjoy the fun!

Please note that this item requires an Apple or Android device to bring it to life. Entry level devices / Amazon Fire tablets do not contain a Gyro and will not be compatible with this item

Why not take a look at these HugARmals in action below!

If you liked the look of these, then why not also check out our previous review for Mardles 4D Stickers, perfect for parties!

Mummy H & Grace

6 Thoughts to “HugARmals and Cuddles with Mardles”

  1. fionajk42

    These look fun! I think my granddaughter would love a toy that comes to life!

  2. Sharon Freemantle

    Wow they look amazing. I definitely think Ava and Jaxson would love them

  3. Waterworth Fiona

    I didn’t realise these were available as my children love the mardles stickers

  4. susan smith

    These are so cute, our little one loves Unicorns at the moment

  5. nadiashanahan

    Aww I love the little dragon one! I think kids are going to love these

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    These really are fab – you introduced me to mardles last year and the boys loved them – great for Christmas pressies

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