HTI Summer Pocket Money Toys

HTI Summer Pocket Money Toys

Now that the school holidays well underway, I’m already hearing the ‘I’m bored’ and were only onto our third week. We all know that school summer holidays can get a bit expensive, for day trips here and there, always trying to find something to fill the day with.

Well this is where HTI Toys have you covered. They offer such a good range of pocket money toys, that will keep your children entertained throughout.

HTI Pocket Money Toys Review by Family Clan

So much fun to be hand which can be used indoors and outdoors. When we received this bundle, the first thing that Jake and Grace actually reached for was the Hot Shots frisbee and went straight outdoors to play in the garden.

It is actually good high quality plastic and flies really well. The fishing net Grace has spent ages roaming around the garden trying to catch butterflies. With it’s extendable arm you can set to where you like.

HTI Pocket Money Toys review by Family Clan

The soft squashable football, has been chucked around the garden and thrown to play ‘tag’, if you get hit, you’re it!

Jokes are on you

HTI Pocket Money Toys Review by Family Clan

With these poop joke and gag toys, you really can play some pranks on your friend, or even Mum and Dad! Grace played a trick on Jake with the realistic looking Poop. He was fooled for a short while, then when he realised he had fallen for the joke, we all laughed at him!

One thing I always loved to play when I was a child on holiday, was boules! It was a game, that we all enjoyed as a family. So when I saw these, the memories all flooded back. Jake and Grace are very keen to play with these. But having told them we need a particular flat-ish surface. We have decided to save this set for a day at the beach so we have a full flat surface to play on and master the art of boules.

HTI Pocket Money Toys review by Family Clan

Coming in their own plastic carry bag, this can be re sealed and back into place once the game is over.

Grace really loves these Squidgi-mals, they look like standard plush toys, but they are actually squishy inside. So once squeezed they slowly rise back into shape. They ended straight up in Grace’s bed the same evening.


HTI Pocket Money Toys review by Family Clan

The Juggling Diablo, this was fun to try! It’s been years since I did something like this, and as it was orange coloured, Jake was really glad as this is his favourite colour. Yet again, such great quality at affordable pocket money prices!

HTI Pocket Money Toys review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

There has been so much fun to be had with this bundle, all the toys within are all pocket money priced, so you can still create lots of fun for the family in the summer holidays without breaking the bank.

You can find the wide range of HTI pocket money toys on the Amazon Website

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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7 Thoughts to “HTI Summer Pocket Money Toys”

  1. Alice Colling

    These are all great value toys and lots of fun.

  2. James Travis

    Great value for money, superb selection

  3. Samantha O'D

    Great selection, i remember having a diablo when i was younger

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    The poop reminded me of a funny occurrence the other day when I was shopping for poop bags for my dog. I saw a stray one on the floor so went to pick it up and noticed it had something in it, it was one of those joke poops! I had a second of horror before I realised!

  5. Chloe Taylor

    LOL… sticky poop is hilarious!! GREAT bargain toys!

  6. Susan B

    I had a browse on Amazon and their selection of toys is excellent. Wasn’t familiar with this brand so pleased to know about it now.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Great value for money – the boys will love this site

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