How to Fly a Kite Easily #MumHack

How We Were Able To Fly A Kite Easily

The wind has been really strong this last week, so whats best whilst the kids are off for half term, is we go and fly a kite!

Flying a kite

We did get it in the air sometimes and Grace and Jake really did give it their best, but after many failed attempt we gave up and went home. Why is it so hard to fly a kite!


So we came up with this very simple clever idea of how to fly a kite that works every time!

What you will need:-


Carrier Bag –  The cheaper less heavy duty ones work best.

Simple that is all you need. 

Just get your string and tie a lengthy piece onto each handle. The wind always lifts the bag, as you can see by my photo I took just after making this one, it is already on the patio and wind lifting it and wanting to make it fly.

How to make a kite fly

This is a simple and costs pennies, and you more than likely already have these items in your house, you can even use wool as the string.

This, was the biggest hit, it flew they loved it and there was so many smiles on the kids faces when they were running and seeing their kite flying behind them.

It was really easy, and simple fun to get the kids involved in to creating something for themselves. Perhaps even using a plain carrier bag that they could colour in before flying would be amazing!

Mummy H

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12 Thoughts to “How to Fly a Kite Easily #MumHack”

  1. Jamesy McJamesface 🙉🙊 (@worldofdel)

    I’ve been the dad who tries and tries again to get the kite flying only for the kids and mum to lose interest. This is an obvious solution but brilliant too. Love it 🙂

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Glad we can help out. Let us know how you go on.

  2. fionajk42

    This is a great idea. My husband wants to fly a kite with our granddaughter, but he’s so far not had much success. I’ll tell him to try your kite trick.

  3. Alice Colling

    What a great idea, kites can be so frustrating sometimes!

  4. Laura Wheatley

    I used to love doing this as a kid <3

  5. Rachel Craig

    Lovely watching a kite fly in the sky / wind.

  6. Charles Fletcher

    My grandson would have great fun doing this.

  7. A S,Edinburgh

    What a great way to try kite-flying!

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Excellent – will be trying this out ! Never been great at flying kites

  9. Rachel Craig

    Great. As I can recall as a child being eager to fly kite, yet finding it difficult.

  10. debbieskerten

    Wow what a brilliant idea. I love this and will be giving it a go with my family. Many thanks.

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