How is Lockdown Treating You?

How is Lockdown Treating You?

I have lost track of days, and we have home schooled now for so long, it seems to be a drag now and all the kids want to do is play on technology and watch YouTube, the work is still coming in from the school but I have really eased on our doing so these last two weeks as it just seems so daunting for Jake as there seems to be so much of it!

Grace falls into the bracket or school years to have returned, but we have chosen to keep her home and do what we think is right for her. The school support this option which I think is great as I believe it is the parents’ choice whether they choose to send their children back with Covid-19 around.

The Coronavirus has been scary for everyone, the hidden killer in some cases. With many of the family shielding due to health conditions and ages, it has brought us together with video calls, phone calls, just to keep a little more in touch and have contact with people in the outside world instead of the four walls of your house.

Schools Returning

With the lack of attendance at school, and lack of daily exercise, I can see that we all could do with a bit of healthier eating and exercise. It’s fair to say we have all put a few pounds on, not dramatically but with the whole Lockdown, it seems we have all missed a bit of routine. Which is a shame as I was losing weight before this started, but then struggling to get certain supplies and limited supermarket shops I fell off track.

You just don’t realise how much you miss the outdoors and simple things like walking, just taking the kids to school until it seems to be stripped from you.

Outside Fun

We have recently been taking daily trips to our local football court and taking a football and joining with a friend and her two children who live local and keeping socially distanced and playing football, basically House Vs House playing at either end of the pitch, we aren’t really football fans but the kids have enjoyed kicking the ball to each other.  It has been really good for Jake and Grace to see friends outside the home and taking all precautions whilst doing so.


We bought a basket ball from LIDL last week for around £5 and this has brought back a bit from my youth playing basketball for hours with my brother in the street. The football pitch has basketball hoops to so its been great to play when the pitch is clear with the football and also playing a bit of basket ball.

basket ball shooting

The hoops are a bit to high for Grace but I’m sure with a lot more practice she will start shooting in. I am on the lookout for a smaller basketball hoop on the stand that can be played in the garden too, as to when the football pitch is already being used we can always play in the garden. So far the best quality/cheapest is around about £50 / £60.


It seems that the Lockdown has been eased and everyone thinks that the virus has gone! Going by weekly shopping trips the amount of people that are now out seems to have quadrupled in the last few weeks.

We are still being extra precautionary, we go to Asda every fortnight, and on a Wednesday evening when Jake and Grace spend the evening with their Dad I would tend to walk to Asda for the essentials. It’s half an hour walk, but I do look forward to it, whether it’s pouring or not I still go for a bit of ‘me-time’.
It is nice to see the shelves more stocked up again, getting the most of what I need, I only find a few things now that seem to be empty when I go to buy, such as corned beef, tomato soup & flour. But the rest of the supermarket seems well stocked.

Looking Forward

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to take the kids to the beach, Grace has been asking to go to the shops with me, and only mentioned this morning that we haven’t been out ‘in ages and ages’.

Which is when I said that we might try and head to the beach or do something like that, but still keep a distance with others.

They fully understand why they are being kept home, and we are truly coping fine, yes there has been a few hair pulling out occasions, and bickering continuous, but I’d rather have them bickering than being poorly from the Coronavirus.

den making using sheets

Our saviours of getting through the Lockdown has been:-

The Wii, we have enjoyed playing Mario Party and Wii Sing

Den making

Jake has enjoyed his Nintendo Switch



Board Games

Diamond Paintings

PlayStation 4 –  I have loved playing Call of Duty

I have also been playing some games I have downloaded on my phone. I have played and completed Hotel Empire Tycoon, and currently playing DASH Adventures & Candy Crush

Tombola Bingo/Arcade


going for a walk pokemon hunting

And life goes on

It’s amazing how much we have all turned to technology to help pass the days wether that be keeping in contact with others, or playing games.  I don’t mind the kids playing on their tablets or consoles as long as they are helpful with housework, and keep their bedrooms tidy and eat meals.

It’s a tough time for all!

We have had a birthday in between the Lockdown and it turned out absolutely amazing, the best birthday ever apparent;y!

It’s great how we value much more now, you truly do realise and value everything you took for granted before. Not in a bad way, but seeing friends at a distance, the value of a hug, you don’t realise what they meant until you can’t do them.

I have visited my best friend just a couple of times and stayed at the door step, so its nice to be able to socially visit in her garden, feeling ‘a bit more normal’ even if we can’t hug each other nor the kids. Slow steady steps!

I hope you are keeping well, how are you finding home life now its been adjusted?

Take care

Mummy H

3 Thoughts to “How is Lockdown Treating You?”

  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    It’s not going too bad. I do think though it’s too early like some people think to carry on like normal. I have enjoyed being my family bubble with my hubby and daughter even though hubby and myself work in a primary school.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Life Does go on – weve made it this far – cant wait to go into a shop ! 4 months is a record ! Glad you are back

  3. fionajk42

    In normal times I only leave the house for a daily walk and to go to grocery shopping. We reduced shopping trips as much as possible and decided to order non-perishables on line and in bulk. I think we will carry on doing that and probably will never return to doing a large shop at our local supermarket. There is really no advantage to filling a trolley with cleaning products, pasta, cat litter and so forth then having to load up the car and unload again at our house when we can have those types of products delivered for less.

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