Homemade Christmas Trees

Homemade Christmas Trees

?Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree?

How amazing are these?!

Christmas tree making

We have enjoyed some quality family time recently and have been busy making homemade tree decorations.

To make them we have used sticks that we collected outside, yarn, some buttons and a glue gun.

We put the twigs into a tree shape and glued them together using a glue gun. We had fun wrapping them yarn round the tree and seeing our Christmas trees take shape.

When the wool was in place I just knotted it to secure into position, we then glued some buttons on for baubles.

They are so simple, and Logan and Jensen really had great fun making these!

These are ready to be put up in a few weeks in my house. We have yet to put our decorations up even though some of Family Clan have their Christmas decorations up already.

Have you made anything hand made for Christmas, we would love to hear what you have made and perhaps more ideas to do with the kids.

Mummy E

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7 Thoughts to “Homemade Christmas Trees”

  1. adrian price

    what a good idea , both fun and practical

  2. Laura Wheatley

    This is such a simple idea they are lovely <3

  3. Amy Doyle

    Oh wow these look fab,thanks for the idea

  4. fionajk42

    They are lovely. I still have some Christmas decorations my children made 30 years ago, and they are now joined by ones made by my granddaughter.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so cute and festive – will be trying some too

  6. Carly Belsey

    These are so easy to make and they look so good dont they.

  7. ashleigh allan

    These look great and fun for the family to make!

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