GIVEAWAY: Heroclip – Hanging on to the Moment


A clip for all occasions, you won’t know how much you use it until you use it for everything.

Say ‘hello’ to your new favourite hands-free helper, Heroclip. It is the world’s first hybrid gear clip that keeps your stuff off the ground, organised and accessible, so you are free to enjoy the adventure at hand.

A tool that makes it easier to do all the things we already do every day. Heroclip weighs practically nothing, hooks on practically anything and makes up to 50lbs of gear easily accessible at any time.

Heroclip is available in three sizes, but medium is the right size for me! It has so many uses and you don’t realise how many uses something so small can have.

Use Heroclip to organise bikes on wire garage racks, connect your bags to luggage at the airport, hang gym gear off the floor in the locker room, hold buckets and paint cans off ladders, your child’s buggy for holding your hand bag or child’s bag. and much, much more.  It’s even great on go, wherever you go and would makes a perfect gift.

I use my Heroclip to hang my handbag from the table when I attend my local bingo hall. It is much more convenient to have it a bit higher up from the floor, and also keeping it from any dirt is an additional bonus.

My daughter also likes to hang the Heroclip from the door handle and put her coat on it so it is much more of the right height for a 6 year old instead of the standard door hangers where she is unable to reach.

More about Heroclip

The versatile combination of a hook and a clip allow you to hang almost anything, anywhere. Aircraft-grade aluminium is exceptionally strong, and the rubber tip creates optimal grip so your stuff stays secure.

Size medium specifications:-

  • Gate clearance 3.8CM,
  • Hook clearance 4.6CM,
  • Dimensions when open 7.6 x 18.41CMs.
  • Holds up to 27 KGs.

The Heroclip is not for climbing or other use where disconnection may result in bodily harm or property damage.


Hook folds, twists, and nests around clip into a closed position. Heroclip’s patented 360° swivel with two folding joints helps you hang your things in even the most awkward places, especially when there are no easy surfaces or hooks available. It also fully rotates once your stuff is hung, keeping it within easy reach.

You can read more about Heroclip and its sister products on the Heroclip website

Mummy H


The lovely people over at Heroclip have also given us another Heroclip to giveaway to one of our lucky readers.

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81 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Heroclip – Hanging on to the Moment”

  1. Karen Scott

    I would use it to hang coats up in the car 🙂

  2. A.E. ADKINS

    I would use it at Halloween to hang up our ghost on the landing!

  3. Orange23

    I’d use it to keep plastic bags together in one place

  4. Tammy Neal

    To hang my flower baskets

  5. Kat

    I will hang things in my shed with it.

  6. Emma Davison

    Hanging the thermometer in the greenhouse

  7. Jo Nichol

    I would use it to hang up my baskets with flowers in

  8. Sheena Read

    The Heroclip hooks on to absolutely anything you want.

  9. Adrian Bold

    This could be used to hang umbrellas or walking sticks out of the way.

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