Top Ten Tips For Helping Out With Life.

Top Ten Tips

You know those times when you need an extra pair of hands, a bit more grip, keeping things clean & easy? Well we’ve got some great tips for you to help out.

Here is our top ten tips

Tip 1

We’ve all done it, opened a bottle of wine to have with dinner & not finished the bottle off.

Get your self an tight jar & fill to the brim with the left over Vino & put the lid on. Make sure you fill to the very top, because if there is air in the jar it will cause your win to go off, which is just not allowed!!


Pop the full jar into the fridge & it will stay fresh until you need it – well it’ll be gone the next night normally but you know what I mean.

This is a great one for your cooking wine, if it’s a bottle you’ve been given by that friend who knows nothing about wine, or maybe they know it all, but the one they give you isn’t drinkable!!

Top Ten Tips

Photo credit: feverblue via / CC BY-SA

Tip 2

Trying hang a photo frame or a picture, keep bashing your fingers with the hammer, then this ones for you.Handy Hints Comb Nail Family Clan Blog


Trap the nail in a hair comb & hammer it home – no sore fingers & you’ve done it all yourself!

Tip 3

Whilst we are hanging picture, trying to work out where to place the nail in the wall in the first place is a nightmare.

Picture Wall Hangng Toothpaste Nail Family Clan Blog

Pop a dab of toothpaste where you want the nail to be press it gently against the wall & it will leave a small dot for you put your nail.  No trying to peep behind the frame or getting out spirit levels!

Tip 4

Buying the big jumbo sized bottles of fizzy drinks at the supermarket can be a great money saving way to have your favourite, but going to it after it’s been open a few days & finding it flat is a waste.


Photo credit: Bludgeoner86 via Visual hunt / CC BY

To keep the fizzy, after you’ve poured your drink & tightly replace the lid, then shake the bottle. It’s going to stay fizzy for weeks!

Tip 5

Can’t fasten your bracelet? Keeps slipping off your wrist every time you try? Then you will love this tip.

Attach a strip of sticky tape to your bracelet & stick it to your wrist.

Wrist Bracelet Sellotape Hint Family Clan Blog

Voila! No more chasing the clasp around your wrist.  This is one tip that I use regularly.

Tip 6

Your speaker system is fab, but doesn’t stretch as far as the kitchen or your bedroom. Fear not, just place your mobile phone in a bowl or a pint glass, you can carry on dancing & singing whilst washing the dishes or choosing your outfit your the night out.

Mobile Cell Phone Bowl Glass Speaker Family Clan Blog

Tip 7

This one is for us ladies. We are getting ready for a night out, chosen our favourite dress, shoes, etc. Done our hair & make-up. Getting dress & fastening the zip can be a nightmare, wriggling, stretching & moving around the bedroom, getting all hot & sweaty.  We’ve all been there!


Photo credit: danielle_blue via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

If you’ve no-one there to help then this little trick is a life saver.  Attach a safety pin to a length of ribbon or string, thread the pin through the zipper fastener & pull it up.  So easy! Have one ready prepared in your wardrobe for just the occasion.

Tip 8

If you are like me you struggle to open jars, when you’ve just purchased them.  Just get yourself a couple of rubber bands (the postman always has/drops loads).

Jar Rubber Bands Open Family Clan Blog

Place one on the rim of the lid & the second on the middle of the jar.  Twist & your lovely new jam is open for you to use!

Tip 9

Rubber bands have loads of uses, but here’s another one for your list.

Saving tip 9

Painting & decorating? Place a rubber band across the tin of paint or bucket of paste, when you’ve dipped your brush wipe it against the band. No more drips running down the side of the container on to your carpet or sticky mess on the floor that someone is bound to walk in it & transfer it around the house!

Tip 10

When we are applying our moisturiser or sun screen the area we always miss is our back, unless your really flexible it’s hard to apply to the top & middle of it.


Photo via

Use a small paint roller most come with a spare roller or two, so you can have them for different lotions.  Just rinse them through when you’ve finished applying. Just make sure it’s clean first!

Have you got any useful tips to pass on?

Nanna Jane

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11 Thoughts to “Top Ten Tips For Helping Out With Life.”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Fabulous tips
    I stopped buying large bottles of fizzy drinks as they go flat
    I’ll start buying again now I know this

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I was the same, wished I had known this tip when the children were younger. They didn’t have it very often but it usually went flat when they did. xxJ

  2. Martina Evans

    Fantastic tips! I love the one about the ribbon and the zip – great idea 🙂

  3. Stevie

    I didn’t know about the fizzy drink trick.

  4. fionajk42

    very helpful, especially the one for banging in nails using a comb

  5. Rosie

    I’ve never seen a list of helpful hints as good as these – I think every single one is meant for me!!! Wow!

  6. Karl Borowy

    all tips are welcomed

  7. Diane Carey

    I’m going to try the rubber band across the paint tin in future. I always get it running down the side of the tin. I think Sally Webster on Coronation Street could have done with the tip on unzipping her wedding dress the other night hahaha.

  8. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    So practical and so handy, I love your Tip 5, I constantly have this problem, going to try this tonight, it sounds brilliant x

  9. soozybee

    Some useful tips

  10. stacy sorrell

    fab tips, especially the rubber band one, theres always loads on our doorstep from the postie! we hit the jar lid with knife few times, that normally works for us

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