Having Fun with the Chuggington Trains & Track

So the forecast for the weather this morning was lovely, made a nice change for the kids & I to play out in the garden. What better to kill time in the long school holidays than getting all the Chuggington trains and bits out & making tracks on the patio.

Family Clan Chuggintons Play 2

Jake chose his train set whilst I got the more basic (less breakable) for Grace. Was lovely seeing them both building tracks & playing in the garden together pinching each others trains off each other! Of course the rain had to spoil this, so time to bring everything inside!

Family Clan Chuggintons Play 3

After that I got the two bags of ball pool balls out. I poured them over both of their heads. The kids went crazy & started giggling away. It was so cute.

I even make it a game when we are putting them away by getting Jake to put one colour a time in & counting how many. This not only helps him, but Grace also picks up on it.  Sadly forgot to get pictures as we was having too much fun.  But I hope you can picture the scene.

It’s away to bring a bit of learning in without them really knowing you are doing so.

Mummy H

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5 Thoughts to “Having Fun with the Chuggington Trains & Track”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    It’s a great way to learn
    So many fun ways with these beauties

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Looks like great fun

  3. Martina Evans

    Love watching kids play and have fun, it can be so relaxing.

  4. Gerri Tennant

    Looks as if they are having a lovely time.

  5. June Etherington

    Isn’t it lovely seeing the children play & enjoying themselves outside.

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