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50 Things to do Before you are 12

I came across this on the web whilst looking for something else, 50 things to do before your are 12.

50 to do b4 12

Having four brothers I was never, ever going to be a girlie girl! So I’ve completed quite a lot of these mostly before 12 too.  We always went in our caravan for the first two weeks of the school holiday either to Scotland or Wales, we had a great time doing all the fun things that kids used to do before the computer chip age.

The first one “climb a tree” good job it doesn’t say get back down again as I have a memory of my Father having to climb up to rescue me with my Mother shouting to him “put your other left leg on the limb there!” I to have difficulties telling left from my other left! But my hero got me down safely.

I’ve never managed to catch a fish with a net or a rod come to that. But we did go onto beach looking in the rock pools with little nets & bucket so I wonder if I could count that or do I just leave that as number 37?

The apple from a tree is easy as we used to have one in the garden & a pear one so I used to munch on them whilst playing with friends.  I was always starving as I was never still!

Number 19 makes me smile we had one in the local woods over the river that ran through & we would swing out & jump in shouting “Hi Ho Silver Away” which led to me completing number 20 as we climbed out & up the bank occasionally slipping back in.

28 I climbed up Ben Nevis with my Father one year so I think that just about covers climb a huge hill.  I remember how quickly the weather could change from gorgeous sunshine to cloud in no time at all.

Haven’t done 29 but it is on my “before I get to old” bucket list as it always seems a magical thing to do & I remember the Enid Blyton‘s Secret Seven & Famous Five doing it!

Number 41 is the easiest as we had a part of the garden that we grew our veg & me being a Daddies girl was always out helping him during the Spring & Summer early Sunday mornings.  Father worked 6 days a week almost 50 weeks a year, with just the two holiday weeks & Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day off, so time spent with him was always special.

46 I’ve completed, but we was just adventuring into the Wild West or where ever our imagination was taking us.

I’ve haven’t done 48 but it is something I’d like to try, but things like this seem harder to do the older your are, as you become aware of the dangers & being over 21 this scares me but with a thrill too.   I  did a death slide years ago, a Clitheroe Castle,  that was fantastic, the climb up the tower was horrendous & I could hardly breath with panic at the top, my tummy doing somersaults , but I didn’t chicken out & OH MY what a thrill. Of course I wanted to go back & do it again straight away!

Due to my age I haven’t done 49 as I don’t think they where invented when i was younger than 12 – definitely showing my age in this post. LOL.  But I’ve did do 45 which to me seems more of challenge than just pressing buttons. Although for all I know grocache maybe harder than that but the original hide & seek or Skilly as we called it was great fun as there was about 18 kids who played together in our street so it always took a while to find everyone.

So completing roughly 48 (with a bit of lateral thinking) is not too bad.  I suppose some of it does depend on where you live I was lucky I was brought up in the country so space, tree, rivers, streams etc where part of my playground every day.

I wonder if 12 year olds today could claim as many, also how many are stopped from doing some of the tasks by the constraints that seem to govern many parents now.

I know Grandson Jake has made a great start in completing the list here is a few of his.

50 Thiongs to do before you reach 12

I saw this on the Daily Mail Online if you would like to read their page.

Nanna Jane

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I’ve not! I’m aweful at seeing the beauty right under my nose !!

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