Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review

Harry the Karate Monkey 

by Stuart Simmonds

Logan was so excited that a new story book, Harry and the Karate Monkey, had arrived for him. He couldn’t wait to sit down to read it.

Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan
Just look at that grin!

Logan doesn’t really to like to read. Its always a fight to encourage him to read. This is unless its something he is wanting to. However this book was different, it had a karate monkey on the front page. Logan laughed aloud -I just knew he’d enjoy this.Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan
I found this book very easy reading book with little writing and a lot of action pictures and illustrations to break up the story to making it very interesting to read.

Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan

Harry the Karate Monkey is encouraging Logan with his phonetics and contains lots of year 2 and year 3 words. This is helping with his confidence as there is words he knows / recognises. However there are still words that challenge him which encourages him to break up the words using his fingers.

Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan

Illustrations are bold and colourful which keep your attention. This is an area that Logan really struggles with and with it being animal based it would appeal to most children his age. A lot of the characters use speech throughout the story and all seem to have an individual personality which helps the children relate to them.

Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan

Biography of the Author

Stuart Simmonds

Stuart Simmonds was born in Birmingham and has spent most of his life either playing or coaching sport, notably cricket. A very accomplished player and coach, he is one of life’s dreamers and has always wanted to be able to do something remarkable before it gets too late.

Apart from still being involved in sport, Stuart runs a successful property business, is a terrible guitarist and always wanted to write a book. Two years after the critically received first version of Watching With My Heroes somehow out of left field he has now written several new titles, as the author of the brilliant Hannah the Spanner children’s series, and the soon to be released adventures of Lucy and Harry the Karate Monkey.Stuart currently lives in Sussex with his wife, his two daughters and his two dreadfully behaved dogs.

Our Thoughts

I recommend Harry the Karate Monkey story book to be aged for 6+, Logan thoroughly enjoyed reading this bright, colourful book which contains crazy scientists, secret formula and a little girl with a monkey that comes to life.

Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan

The illustrated by Bill Greenhead are amazing and bring the story to life. It’s just the right length for a bedtime read or for nursery and infant school teachers who want to brighten the day for their classes.

Where you ask yourself, will the bad guys get the formula, what trouble can a monkey cause and what will happen to the little girl??
Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review Family Clan
Logan is looking forward to the next installment of this series. He thinks the submarine base looks like a dragon house. What will happen next at Sevenhills?

With Christmas over the horizon and with books being the perfect present, we couldn’t recommend this book highly enough.

You can purchase Harry and the Karate Monkey by Stuart Simmonds from Amazon and all god book shops.

Mummy E and Logan

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8 Thoughts to “Harry the Karate Monkey Book Review”

  1. James Travis

    This book looks funny, be a great read for the kids

  2. columbine75

    This looks hilarious!

  3. Amy Doyle

    Oh wow this book looks and sounds great,my boys love reading and being read to

  4. Laura

    All my 3 children would love to read this

  5. Susan B

    How lovely! The illustrations remind me of old fashioned cartoons like Mickey Mouse. Great fun!

  6. Carly Belsey

    This is the perfect boys book isnt it, my son would have loved this a few years back. My daughter is more into princesses than Karate but it looks like a fun one.

  7. ashleigh allan

    This looks like a great book – haven’t seen this one before!

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    New one for us to find – looks a beauty – Logan looks thrilled !

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