Harry Potter Magical Capsules – Unboxing magic

Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Harry Potter Magical Capsules review by Family Clan

Harry Potter Magical Capsules offer a brand new way to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the wizarding world. Perfect for all Harry Potter fans!

We are BIG Harry Potter fans, its crazy to say it was a couple of decades ago that my sister and I were stood outside Asda awaiting for the new book releases at midnight. Fast forward I now have two Potter mad children, and it excites me to know that the magic lives on and that they are now big fans too.

Nathaniel Southworth, who is the managing director of KAPTOYS, said,“This collectible product has it all with the house sorting, magic spell reveals and the joy of unwrapping a Wizarding World hero character. Packed with attention to detail the paper parcels reveal something for fans of all ages to cherish, swap and collect”

We have had the privilege of meeting Nathaniel on two occasions at blog conferences, and he really is such a lovely character and has a real care in what he does.

So we really couldn’t wait to get our hands on these new Harry Potter Magical Capsules from KAPTOYS. With 10 to collect we were ALL super excited to see who we was going to reveal inside our capsule.

Unwrap, discover, explore and collect all Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Grace really couldn’t wait to see who we would get so let’s unbox and find out.

The capsule has three compartments with a number on each part, 1, 2 & 3 so we we opened number one.

The first compartment gives us a clue as to which house our magical character is in. This is a Hogwarts crest, and on the reverse you rub with your finger and the heat will change the color.

Our first clue was the house color Green – resembling Slytherin.

Oh how exciting, who could it be?!

In compartment number 2, we were given a strip of card with a water mark on it. Grace dipped this in water which revealed our next clue.

With the wording of the magical spell “Sectumsempra“, can you guess who we could reveal?

At this point, Grace being the true Muggle she is, she actually guessed the character she would be revealing.

In the third compartment, we had five blind bags, which were made to look like letters and Hogwarts trunk, I thought that this was such a great effect.

Within the four smaller blind bags you will reveal accessories to go alongside your revealed character.

We unboxed a wand, potion book, potion bottle and a snake. Can you guess who yet?

In the last and final blind bag which was just like the Hogwarts trunk, was our final magical character.

We pulled him out, and revealed Severus Snape! He looks amazing and is super quality. Grace slotted the wand straight into Snape’s hand and the snake on to the top of his head, yes I’ve no idea why he needed it on his head, but that’s where it ended up!

Our Thoughts

I was really impressed with this product, my 10 year old self is totally jealous that the toys are getting better with age for kids, as I would have loved these when I was younger. Actually I am quite chuffed we got Severus as Alan Rickman was one of my favourite actors.

There are 10 characters to collect within Series 1.

Available on the Kids@Play Website for £9.99, which I honestly think is great value for money. Or they can also be found in all major toy stores and Tesco. You won’t be disappointed, Harry Potter Magical Capsules get a big thumbs up from us.

Mummy H & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “Harry Potter Magical Capsules – Unboxing magic”

  1. James Travis

    Some great stuff here, something to look out for

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    This is one to look out for, we love Harry in our house!

  3. Sam Ripley O'Donnell (@lillyfer85)

    These look fun, my kids love surprise toys

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Magical our boys will be thrilled with these too

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