Happy Birthdays, Cake & Even More Cake!

Late Summer to early Autumn is always a busy time for us in the Birthday department from Mid August to early October.

Logan kicks us of with a very big smile and a seventh birthday, He was made up with his scooter that he received as his main present from his Mummy and Daddy.

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan

We have Olivia’s on the 26th August, we can’t believe she is sooo grown up for an eight year old.  Mummy M and Daddy T took her for a yummy treat out. along with Lucy her cat, all Covid friendly of course.

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan


Next up we had Chloey Ellie who is now two. Amongst her presents are a bag and kitten made by Nanna Jane, more details of these coming soon.

She’s blowing a kiss to Nanna and Grandad for her presents in this photo.

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan

Daddy T was next not giving his age away but he’s officially older than his Mum LOL He was really pleased with one of his gift a LFC Monopoly game

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan

The day after Daddy T is Jake. He wanted a music keyboard, and so that is what he received, as well as a very cool Pikachu cake.  Jake was meant to be having a couple of his friends staying over night but obviously that now couldn’t happen. He understood and hopefully the fun he had on his day made up for it. They hopefully will be able to stop over sometime in the future when the World finally settles down.

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan

Lastly we have Princess Grace, She’s now a fully fledged seven year old. She was more than made up with the Nintendo Switch she received and has hardly put it down since.

Birthday, Cake & Even More Cake! Family Clan

Next Up

It’s been strange not being able to celebrate all the birthdays together as we would usually do and we have missed out on lots of cake, but with WhatsApp we have atleast all been able to see each other Finally we have a small break now until December when it all starts getting busy all over again and not just with Christmas!

Have you had any birthdays in your family lately? Did they have a good time even though we can’t have parties at the moment?

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Happy Birthdays, Cake & Even More Cake!”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Lots of birthdays and lots of yummy cake!

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    That’s a lot of birthdays in a short space of time!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    How cute – cant quite believe how muvh they hava all grown up..

    1. Mummy H

      I agree, they’ve grown up far to fast!

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