Happy Birthday Your Majesty – Giveaway

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

It really should be Happy Birthday to your Majesty’s, not just your Majesty, as both the Queen & Prince Phillip are celebrating their birthdays.  Prince Phillip was 95 yesterday & unless you have been living in some remote cave with no media you will know the Queen officially celebrates her 90th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

This is the official photograph for Prince Phillips Birthday by Anne Leibowitz

They both do so much for this country & indeed the Commonwealth. They both still have such busy schedules that put most of us to shame. I don’t think they are the kind of people to sit down with a blanket around the shoulders sipping hot cocoa.

The streets of London have been lined over the past couple of days & this little soldier caught my eye.

Little Soldier Majesty Queen 90th Birthday

Doesn’t he look so cute, saluting the Queen.

I thought this was a great photograph too.

HMS St Albans 90 Birthday Cake Majesty

HMS St Albans making a 90th Birthday Cake for Her Majesty the Queen

There must have been some serious thinking in the making of it. I love the fact that they used a flare as the candle. Well done to all.

Didn’t the Queen look fabulous in her lime green out fit. Not a colour many could get a way with but I think she pulled it off.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty in Lime Green

I wonder if any of you are celebrating the Royal birthdays this weekend.  I know some are planning street parties for tomorrow (Sunday 12th June), there is a big one taking place where over 10,000 people will join her at The Patron’s Lunch on The Mall.

We hope the Royal couple have a wonderful time celebrating their birthdays.

Nanna Jane


Queen 90th Birthday Majesty Crown Earrings Family Clan Blog

To celebrate the Royal birthdays we have decided to run a special giveaway for these gorgeous gold tone stud crown earrings, that are for pierced ears.  The fit perfectly with the Royal Birthdays we thought.

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These earrings where purchased by Family Clan to giveaway

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  1. Pia Stephens

    Prince Harry, he does his own thing with a twinkle in his eye and he’s such a pleasure to watch when he interacts with children

  2. Rich Tyler

    Prince Harry – He is little bit naughty! lol

  3. Maria P

    Prince Harry – he seems to be sensible and cheerful

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