Happy 1st Birthday Prince George

Today Prince George celebrates his 1st birthday. Can you remember all the hype around Princess Katherine’s pregnancy.  I felt so sorry for her, having it all played out in public, with lots of nonsense written about her & her baby.

But on the 22nd July 2013 at 4:24 pm the long awaited baby, George Alexander Louis,  known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, who is the third in line to the throne, put in an appearance, weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs 6 oz, at St Mary’s hospital. Hordes of press waited outside, just to be the first to announce it or get the first glimpse.

Prince George One Day old
Prince George One Day old

The new parents must have been excited as they started the next stage in their lives.  It’s also a big shock for new parents to adjust to taking second place to this little bundle, after having thought about only yourself for most of your life, this is what some new parent struggle with most.  Of course, this couple will have had help with their little one.

The New Prince & his Proud Parents
The New Prince & his Proud Parents

One thing that shocked me about an article in the press, was that they was concerned with the size of the Duchess’s tummy! The woman had just had a baby, of course she still had a tummy – that post could only have come from a man!

I’m sure they had presents sent to them for the little Prince from all over the world, as they seem such a lovely young couple.

The next time we officially saw baby George was at his Christening at St James’s Palace on 23 October 2013. he ceremony used a font that was made for Queen Victoria’s first child, a daughter also called Victoria, with water from the River Jordan. He was wearing a gown made by The Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly, in 2004, that is an exact replica of a design that was made for Victoria, Princess Royal, in 1841. Made of delicate Honiton lace and ivory satin with bows and high collar The original was used for 172 years for every Royal christening the replica was first used in 2008 for Viscount James, son of Edward and Sophie.  You can get an idea of it’s length from this photograph

Prince George Christening
Prince George Christening


The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George st his Christening
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George st his Christening
Her Majesty The Quuen, Prince Charles, Prince William & Prince George.
Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William & Prince George.













I especially like the picture above as it shows the succession of the throne, with Her Majesty The Queen (Great Grand Mother), Prince Charles (Grand Father),  Prince William & Prince George.

I have a similar photograph, this one shows my Mother (Great Nanna Doll), me, (Nanna) Mummy H & Jake, who is about 4 months old.  Not many families, sadly, can have photographs with four generations all together, so it means a lot to us.

Great Nanna Doll, Nanna, Mummy H & Jake
Great Nanna Doll, Nanna, Mummy H & Jake

Prince George’s first public engagement was when he was visiting New Zealand & Australia with his parents in April this year. He attended a “play date” at Government House, Wellington, organised by the New Zealand parenting organisation, Plunket.  

Prince George at his "playdate" in New Zealand
Prince George at his “playdate” in New Zealand

Lots of picture where taken of the little Prince & as soon as people found out what he was wearing they dressed their little Prince’s in the same thing.  That I’ve never understood, my children have all been individual little people, so why would I want to dress them like another baby. But it is the same for his Mother, no matter what The Duchess wears it sells out of in no time at all. Strange.

I wonder if he will be having a child like party, with sandwiches, jelly & ice cream.  Of course there will be a cake, no birthday is allowed with out having a cake.

The official photographs released for his birthday are gorgeous & so relaxed compared to normal Royal photographs. There were taken at Sensational Butterflies exhibition in London’s Natural History Museum by Press Association’s John Stillwell.  He looks a happy & healthy one year old, that is starting to investigate the World he lives in.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince George
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince George
A toddling Prince George
A toddling Prince George

Happy 1st Birthday to Prince George 

What did you do to celebrate the Royal Wedding or Birth?

Nanna Jane

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    How times change – beautiful to see happy smiling people

  2. bev

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

  3. kris

    happy 1st birthday george

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