Ozeri Hand Made Glasses and Salt and Pepper Grinder

Ozeri Hand Made Glasses Salt Pepper Grinder Grinders Family ClanOzeri Hand Made Glasses and Salt / Pepper Grinders

Ozeri are a great brand that sell through Amazon. If you’ve not heard of them before then you are in for a treat They asked me would I like to review some hand made glasses and salt / pepper grinders. Well, of course I would! Mummy H reviewed a few of their products a couple of months back and she was so impressed with the quality.

The delivery was really quick and the items come very well packaged.

Hand Made Glasses

These hand made glasses are so nice to hold, they just sit so comfortably in your hand. I used them when we had a couple of our friends over for a chatOzeri Hand Made Glasses Salt Pepper Grinder Grinders Family Clan and they loved them too. I love the fact each one is different. A great way of remembering which glass is yours!

They come in a set of four, they are double-wall thermo glasses and hold a full 8 ounces. Made from heat and shatter resistant, which is stronger and more durable than common glass. They really do look nice in my cabinet, but kind of show up my other glasses that are a mishmash collection of cheap supermarket glasses and others, I’ve no idea how we got them!

Think I am going to have to have a clear out and get myself some that look as good as these. I know they make these glasses in different sizes, 12 and 16 ounces. 

Of course you don’t just have to use them as drinking glasses, they would make an excellent size for serving an individual dessert. They are completely dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. You can’t say that about most glasses can you.

Another thing I liked is when you have a cold drink in your glass it doesn’t get any condensation on the outer side of the glass, no more damp hands or wet tables!

Savore Pepper Grinder

Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder Grinders Family Clan

I love this sleek black Savore electric pepper grinder from Ozeri.

It’s so easy to use. Just set the adjustable grinder to how you like your pepper, there are three settings. I like mine fine – although that does depend on what I’m eating, but mostly I like it ground fine. Press the silver button at the top and there is your pepper all ground and on your food. It really is effortless.

The top is really soft and easy to hold. Very smooth and has a finger print resistant coating, great for families.

The adjuster for the size of pepper grinds you want is really easy to adjust, with three settings.

Of course it would work just as well for salt, you could have matching ones, that would look very elegant on the dinner table.

The Savore electric Pepper Grinder from Ozeri measures approximately 17 cm / 6 ½ inches tall and requires 6 AA batteries.



Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder

Ozeri Hand Made Glasses Salt Pepper Grinder Grinders Family Clan

I love this Duo Ultra salt and pepper grinder. It’s so elegant, with it’s stainless steel exterior. You can clearly see how much salt or pepper is inside the grinder. I hate picking ours up to use finding them empty! So easy to fill, you just pop the lid off and refill.

It’s just so easy to use, twist the top clockwise for pepper and anti clock wise for salt, couldn’t be easier! It’s effortless to turn so even for someone with finger joint problems like me can use it.

There is a little sliding cover on the bottom to stop any extra seasoning going on your work top or dining table.

Of course you may find it more useful to put spices in, instead of salt and pepper.

Uniquely designed easy-refill system prevent spillage. This is just the perfect condiment all round. It’s stylish for the table as well as at the cooker.

It measure approximately 13 cm / 5 inches tall and 23 cm / 9 inches wide.

Nanna Jane

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6 Thoughts to “Ozeri Hand Made Glasses and Salt and Pepper Grinder”

  1. Vicki D

    I really like the OZERI Duo Ultra salt and pepper grinder. I don’t have one at the moment and I use salt/pepper for flavouring everything

  2. Helen Morgan

    They all look great, but think the Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt and Pepper Grinder would be best for me. I have a very small kitchen, so anything that saves space is a must-have.

  3. Margaret gallagher

    I do like my freshly ground pepper
    Has a unique taste
    The ones I’ve had in the past always seem to be MESSY to refil – Ozeri Duo may solve that issue for me
    Thanks for the review

  4. Bev

    Oh, very elegant! I love them!

  5. Kayleigh Watkins

    The sound like fantastic quality and the salt and pepper grinders would look perfect in my kitchen with my black and chrome accessories xXx

  6. Ashleigh Allan

    The grinders look fab. Very elegant. Perfect for a dinner party

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